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New Tactics, Tools and Goals Are Emerging for White Power Organizations

[Appended below: 1. The NYT reporting that Hale got 40 years, but with no 
mention that the penality was increased on the grounds that Hale is a 
terrorist; 2. A protest from the left; 3. The Chicago Tribune article 
about the sentencing, which says this is the first time in Chicago that a 
penalty was increased because of terrorism (and perhaps the third time in 
the country as a whole.)]


    ST. LOUIS, April 5 - Frank Weltner's cluttered living room is one of
    the unlikely new hot spots in America's old and ongoing preoccupation
    with race.

    Mr. Weltner, a 63-year-old former local radio talk show host, began
    what white power groups say is the first round-the-clock racial
    Webcast this year. He can run many Web sites, including what he calls
    his most popular one, [2]Jewwatch.com, with a laptop computer and a
    microphone from the comfort of his couch.

    Technically savvy and politically in tune with their communities, Mr.
    Weltner and people like him are the new figures to watch in the white
    power world, say people who track extremist groups. Many of the
    national organizations - like the Aryan Nation, Creativity and the
    National Alliance, Mr. Weltner's group - have fragmented in the last
    few years. Some leaders, including Matthew Hale, the former head of
    Creativity, who is to be sentenced on Wednesday for soliciting the
    murder of a federal judge, have been removed; others have died.

    "The hate groups are in disarray; the leaders have died or been
    jailed," said Karen Aroesty, the St. Louis-based regional director for
    Missouri and Southern Illinois for the Anti-Defamation League. "But
    what we've seen, particularly here, is a more sophisticated use of
    mainstream media tools in order to sell the product."

    The breakdown in national leadership has coincided, outside experts
    and group members say, with a transformation of tools and goals. Some
    corners of the Internet are openly racist, but local groups have
    broadened their message to include immigration and adopted more subtle
    appeals to attract new followers.

    Mr. Weltner said he preached love for the white race - not hatred for
    any other - and grass-roots action to protect the European gene pool
    in the United States, which he said was being diluted by immigration.
    "Think racially, act locally," he said.

    The Internet, with its anonymity and lack of physical geography, does
    not lend itself to bossy leaders or compounds in the woods. Locally
    autonomous groups can also better refine their message to fit the
    markets, which further fuels the fragmentation. Here in St. Louis,
    which has long been one of the nation's most segregated cities,
    separatism - not supremacy - is the racial term of art. Jeff Weise,
    the 16-year-old who killed nine people and himself last month on an
    Indian reservation in northern Minnesota, was touched by the arguments
    of separatism and genetic purity, which he wrote about often in
    postings on the Internet.

    Brian H. Levin, a professor of criminal justice and director of the
    Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State
    University, San Bernardino, said cruising the Internet for extremist
    racial views had become like shopping for books or airfares - an
    endless consumer choice.

    "On the Internet, you can craft your own buffet of hate," Professor
    Levin said.

    He cautioned, however, that the growth of racialist content on the Web
    did not necessarily mean a rise in racism in the country. The
    Internet's expansion into every niche of society, Professor Levin
    said, could merely be giving voice to impulses already there.

    Some parts of the white power movement are clearly more underground
    than ever, diffused and dispersed into the virtual cyberspace of Web
    sites that claim more members than the estimated size of the Ku Klux
    Klan. [3]Whiterevolution.com solicits donations via credit card.

    Other elements are reaching out more than ever for a public role and a
    piece of the nation's debate on subjects like immigration and the
    growing gap between rich and poor. Adherents to the movement say the
    two pieces fit perfectly.

    Mr. Weltner's group, the National Alliance, spent $1,500 in February,
    for example, to put advertisements on the local transit trains in St.
    Louis, and has distributed tens of thousands of leaflets just about
    every weekend in recent months urging residents to "love your race."

    The Council of Concerned Citizens, which is based here and has worked
    to protect use of the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina and
    Mississippi, is talking more and more about immigration, especially
    nonwhite illegal immigrants. The group's chief executive, Gordon Lee
    Baum, said in an interview that immigrants were taking American jobs
    and pushing the nation toward what he called "third-world status."

    "As communities suffer the results of massive illegal immigration,
    it's become a growing concern all over the U.S.," Mr. Baum said. He
    said big companies bringing in cheap foreign labor were as much to
    blame as anyone.

    "In southwest Missouri," he said, "there's a county down there now
    that is almost a majority Hispanic because of a big meat-processing

    Some local civic leaders here say the debate itself is frightening -
    either because the mainstream society might come to accept a
    race-based perspective as part of legitimate public discourse or
    because people in economically battered cities like St. Louis might
    actually be listening.

    "Groups that used to meet in secrecy are now coming out into the
    light," said Esther L. Wright, vice president and general manager at
    WGNU, an AM talk-radio station here that once employed both Mr.
    Weltner and Mr. Baum as hosts. "That they're becoming more acceptable
    is just another example of the moral decay of the society."

    (Mr. Weltner's and Mr. Baum's programs were canceled last fall. Ms.
    Wright said that there were violations of station policy but that she
    could not elaborate; Mr. Weltner and Mr. Baum said changes in
    political taste at the station forced them out.)

    Some of the results of the racialist public outreach here come close
    to comedy. In February, for example, the owner of the Bevo Mill
    restaurant here, David Hanon, got what he thought was a routine
    booking for a private party. The European Cultural Society wanted to
    use his restaurant to bring in an Irish dancing school for the day and
    have a party to celebrate, as the group's name suggested, European

    Then a reporter from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch called and asked
    whether Mr. Hanon knew that the European Cultural Society was a front
    for the National Alliance, a group classified as a neo-Nazi
    organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks
    extremist groups.

    Mr. Hanon immediately canceled the event. "A lot of people were
    duped," he said.

    The National Alliance's transit train advertisements, meanwhile, were
    so vague and innocuous that few people, including the transit system's
    administrators, knew what was being advertised until the one-month
    contract had all but run out. The posters simply said, "The future
    belongs to us!" with a National Alliance contact number.

    Some experts say the atomization of the white organizations like the
    National Alliance and the Aryan Nation and the simultaneous rise of
    white power on the Internet make the groups less relevant. Mr. Hale,
    for example, had largely been marginalized in the movement, the
    experts say, since his conviction last year for soliciting the murder
    of a federal judge, Joan Humphrey Lefkow, who presided over a
    trademark infringement case involving the name of Mr. Hale's group.

    Chat rooms have buzzed in recent weeks, and Mr. Hale's star has risen
    again if only as a symbol, after the murder of Judge Lefkow's husband
    and mother. The police say the crime was unrelated to Mr. Hale or
    white power groups, though cheers for those deaths were posted on some
    racial Web sites.

    "The movement as a whole is in the process of sorting itself out,
    finding its next set of directions, but that doesn't make it less
    dangerous," said Leonard Zeskind, a writer who has been monitoring
    white supremacist activity for 25 years.

    "People don't need to be followers of groups," Mr. Zeskind added.
    "They just need to be angry."


    2. http://Jewwatch.com/
    3. http://Whiterevolution.com/


The New York Times > National > 40-Year Term for Supremacist in Plot on Judge
40-Year Term for Supremacist in Plot on Judge


    CHICAGO, April 6 - Matthew Hale, the white supremacist convicted last
    year of plotting to assassinate a federal judge, was sentenced
    Wednesday to 40 years in prison for what the sentencing judge
    described as an "egregious act against the rule of law in the United

    "I consider Mr. Hale to be extremely dangerous," the judge, James T.
    Moody of Federal District Court, said in imposing the maximum

    The crime, Judge Moody said, "undermines the judiciary's central role
    in our society and strikes at the very core of our government."

    Mr. Hale, 33, leader of a white power movement now called Creativity,
    was found guilty of soliciting his security chief, an F.B.I.
    informant, to kill Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, who was presiding over
    a trademark case involving his group's use of the name World Church of
    the Creator. The police focused on Mr. Hale's followers after Judge
    Lefkow's husband and mother were murdered in their home Feb. 28, but
    10 days later a litigant unconnected to the movement, Bart A. Ross,
    confessed to the killings and committed suicide.

    Acting as his own lawyer in a courtroom under extraordinary security,
    Mr. Hale made an anguished, rambling plea Wednesday for a shorter
    sentence, repeatedly declaring his innocence, asserting that he and
    Judge Lefkow were "on the same side" and suggesting that his
    high-profile prosecution might be partly responsible for Mr. Ross's
    "horrible crime against her family."

    "What if these people are dead today because of these liars?" Mr. Hale
    asked, turning to face the prosecutors and F.B.I. agents seated behind
    him. "What if this guy thought to himself, 'I'm not the only one who
    wants her dead'?"

    In a two-hour speech, Mr. Hale, who graduated from law school but was
    denied admission to the bar because of his racial views, quoted Thomas
    Jefferson, invoked Latin legal phrases, recited a couplet from "The
    Star-Spangled Banner" and stopped several times to swallow a sob. He
    attributed his conviction to his lawyer's shortcomings, insisted that
    he had refused the informant's overtures toward violence, compared the
    F.B.I. to the Gestapo and said he would rather be sent to a Siberian
    work camp than return to solitary confinement and "die in a hole."

    "If she's here, if somebody could please tell her, tell this poor
    woman it's a lie," Mr. Hale said of Judge Lefkow, who did not attend
    the hearing.

    "What punishment is appropriate for the innocent?" he asked. "I should
    be home by now. I should be apologized to."

    Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the United States attorney for the Northern
    District of Illinois, denounced Mr. Hale as a domestic terrorist, and
    took particular offense at the suggestion that his office was in any
    way responsible for Mr. Ross's criminal acts.

    "He shows he's not man enough to take responsibility for what he did,"
    Mr. Fitzgerald said at a news conference after the hearing. "I put no
    stock in his claims, now crocodile tears, that he didn't do anything

    Judge Lefkow, who has not yet returned to work, said in a telephone
    interview that she had skipped the sentencing so as not to distract
    attention from the proceedings, and that she spent the afternoon at
    the Chicago Police Department, thanking the officers who investigated
    the murders. She declined to respond to Mr. Hale's comments, saying
    only: "I respect the judge's decision. I'm sure that he took all the
    factors into account and made a fair decision."

    Asked how she was doing, Judge Lefkow replied: "Carrying on day by
    day. I stay busy during the day; I have a lot to do. Sometimes
    nighttimes are harder."

    Mr. Hale's mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, cried several times during her
    son's statement, declaring after the hearing, "Matt is the only one in
    that damn room who told the truth."

    In addition to the metal detectors in the courthouse lobby, a second
    metal detector and a bomb-sniffing dog were outside Courtroom 1903,
    where Judge Moody, of the Northern District of Indiana, was sitting so
    as to avoid the conflict of a colleague of Judge Lefkow. At least four
    extra armed guards were inside..

    Mr. Hale spoke passionately about growing up as the son of an East
    Peoria, Ill., police officer who never let him touch his badge lest he
    tarnish it. He said his graduation from the Southern Illinois
    University law school and Judge Lefkow's granting of the motion he
    wrote urging dismissal of the trademark case were the best days of his
    life. Judge Lefkow's decision was overturned on appeal, but Mr. Hale
    emphasized that she had originally supported his side, saying he had
    hardly wanted to kill her but had instead been looking forward to
    arguing a new motion before her.

    He went over and over details of e-mail messages and taped
    conversations between himself and his security chief, arguing that in
    discussing the "Jew rat" he was referring to prosecutors, not Judge
    Lefkow, who is Episcopalian, and quoting himself as saying, "I cannot
    be a party to such a thing." Prosecutors contend that these
    protestations were intended to provide Mr. Hale deniability and that
    he nonetheless encouraged the security chief to act on his own.

    "Mr. Hale is not concerned with actually taking someone's life, but
    how to do it and not get caught," Judge Moody said in handing down the

    He called Mr. Hale "manipulative," "calculating" and "a highly
    educated, intelligent individual who surrounds himself with troubled
    individuals who feed his enormous ego."

    While ignoring Mr. Hale's pleas for a shorter sentence, Judge Moody
    did grant him two other requests: keeping him in Chicago's
    Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he has an electric typewriter,
    for six months so he can work on his appeal, and recommending that the
    rest of his term be served in Pekin, Ill., near his parents' homes in
    East Peoria.

Matthew Hale--American Martyr? by Andy Martin

                  AMERICA'S DAILY BRIEFING FOR APRIL 7, 2005
     (Chicago)(April 7) This is a difficult commentary to write. Matthew
     Hale is a thoroughly despicable human being. The self-styled "white
    supremacist" stands for everything I have lived my life against. As a
    University of Illinois student I went to Springfield to support "open
     housing" (Freedom of Residence). I worked for civil rights causes in
    college and through law school, and every year since then. I belong to
    a completely integrated, multicultural, multiethnic church. I condemn
                     racial or ethnic hatred of any kind.
         But as a lawyer I know the law often makes grave mistakes. I
     personally have been abused by corrupt judges and lawyers. Injustice
           happens every day, to the innocent and the guilty alike.
    With each passing day America is moving further and further away from
    the democratic traditions which we espouse and broadcast to the world.
     We are adopting the totalitarian methods of our vilest adversaries.
      America is becoming a dictatorship where any person can be falsely
     accused, prosecuted into penury, and jailed for a "crime" he or she
                               did not commit.
    Even the guilty are entitled to due process. As Justice Stewart on the
    U.S. Supreme Court once wrote, "Even a thief is entitled to deny he is
    a burglar." Justice is served not only in protecting the innocent but
            also in meting out measured punishment to the guilty.
    Matthew Hale's sentencing was a kangaroo court, a travesty of justice,
          a joke and a disgrace to America. But rather than fighting
      anti-Semitism and racism, the US. Government is in the process of
          creating yet another martyr--to racism and anti-Semitism.
    I admire and respect U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. He is as decent
        and honorable man as ever occupied his office for the Northern
     District of Illinois. But sometimes even decent human beings, honest
     and honorable people, can be blinded by their own sense of rectitude
           and revenge. That's where Contrarian Columnists come in.
     Hale was accused of "soliciting the murder" of U. S. District Judge
     Joan Lefkow. We saw only a few weeks ago how mistaken society could
      be. Hale was suspected of being the orchestrator of the murder of
      Lefkow's husband and mother. Hale protested his innocence. He was
     The punishment of Hale's parents, denying them visits with their son
     for a year because he protested his innocence of the Lefkow murders
      through them, is a disgrace to justice, worthy of the Soviet state
      during its worse abuses. Worthy of China today. A few weeks ago, a
     lawyer in New York was convicted of representing a vile client, who
      was also held incommunicado. Now America stoops to punish parents
                because they protested their son's innocence.
      Hale protested his innocence again yesterday. But before we get to
    guilt or innocence, before we ask what a just punishment would be for
      Hale, we have to ask how any judge worthy of the name could allow
      someone who has been incarcerated as a caged rat for a year, could
       allow someone in that state of mind to rise and speak on his own
     Even if the court was constrained to permit Hale to speak, the court
      failed to hear argument from an impartial attorney represented as
      amicus curiae to speak on behalf of justice itself. No one who has
     been caged and abused can reasonably be expected to be rational in a
    proceeding where his life is at stake. That's why we have lawyers. The
                legal profession and the law failed us today.
       There was no basis to hold Hale incommunicado. He is a loathsome
      individual, a thoroughly devilish human being. But as the Seventh
      Circuit once wrote in a decision, "[A]lhough [he] might not win a
        popularity contest in this circuit...he still retains the same
      constitutional rights as every other defendant brought before this
    bar." In like fashion, Hale has been crucified, in all probability for
    a crime he did not commit. Injustice never extinguishes the flames; it
       only fans the fires. That will likely be the outcome with Hale.
       His followers know Hale was framed, railroaded, set up by an FBI
        "informant." How many people have said, in the throes of angry
      divorce, "I wish I could kill my spouse?" People say "I'm going to
    kill you" every day. They are not being sent to jail for forty years.
                We don't imprison actual murderers that long.
     We were told antiterrorism laws were being passed to combat foreign
    enemies, terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden; now they are being turned
     on us. Who's next? Patriot Act, anybody? Whatever Hale is, and he is
                    not very much, he is not a terrorist.
      Judge Moody, who sentenced Hale, wrote an epitaph for our judicial
     system. He said he said Hale's conduct "strikes at the very core of
    our system of government." No, sir, Judge Moody. Manufacturing crimes
        and prosecuting people for manufactured crimes strikes at our
    democracy. No, Judge Moody, your unprincipled sentencing of a bad man
     is what really strikes at the very core of our system of government,
      your imposing "antiterrorism" laws on a neighborhood lout is what
                  strikes at the heart of our Constitution.
     Sadly, Hale may be a victim when he should have been the vanquished.
        But in being made a victim by the divine majesty of the U. S.
      Department of Justice, Hale has become the ultimate victor. He has
       shown that what he claimed--though for the wrong reasons--was a
       corrupt society, is indeed a corrupt society, where the FBI can
      manufacture a crime, use a government-paid employee to orchestrate
     that crime, and then jail someone with a life sentence for a "crime"
                       that the person never committed.
    America today is in the business of making the innocent guilty. We are
     creating gulags all around the world, where we exterminate helpless
    prisoners, branding them as our perceived enemies, as though the mere
       act of branding was a sufficient basis to extinguish a life, or
     torture someone into oblivion. We absolve our perpetrators of these
       crimes, obstruct investigations, and kill a little bit of every
      American every time we tolerate such subhuman behavior by a nation
                    that should a light unto all nations.
    As someone who has devoted a major part of his life to justice and the
     judicial system, to fighting crooked judges, a corrupt legal system
       and the wholesale imposition of injustice on the innocent, I can
       attest that when we fail to protect the guilty, we endanger the
       innocent. Hale is a bad person, but in protecting his rights we
                               protect our own.
    We are all guilty of being complicitors as our heritage of Due Process
     is slowly eroded by the pious platitudes of the Bush administration.
     America is being diminished. We are too blind to see this happening,
                     too timid to admit and face reality.
     Today, Osama Bin Laden was also a big winner. He is a hater too. He
     won because our adversaries are not stupid; they can see what we do,
      how we preach justice and democracy and yet allow our courts to be
       controlled by political considerations. Our enemies know we have
      confined the innocent, abused the innocent, and even murdered the
     innocent, while frustrated that we cannot easily separate the guilty
     from the innocent. So we kill them all, abuse them all, disgrace us
    Now, even China and Russia are emboldened to mock our history of civil
     rights and civility. And they're right. We do not have a monopoly on
       Make no mistake, if Hale was guilty of the crime of which he was
       accused, I would be the first to send him away. If someone is a
      terrorist, I would be the first to seek harsh punishment, death if
      necessary. But Hale is not alone. Since 9/11 we have tortured and
     abused and falsely prosecuted or imprisoned thousands of people who
      were not guilty of the crimes with which they were charged, or who
                   were not charged with any crime at all.
     My experience has been that the judicial system is often capable of
    sorting out excessive punishments. I am hopeful that when cooler heads
      prevail, as they usually do on the 27th floor of the United States
       Courthouse, the American people will obtain justice. Hale may be
     worthy of some punishment, but not forty years in a gulag, not being
    held incommunicado, not for terrorism, not for a crime he probably did
    not commit. And not with his parents being harassed and abused by the
                    Attorney General of the United States.
    I am ashamed. Not because Hale is innocent. But because the process of
                 justice has once again proven itself guilty.
       Andy Martin is the nationally syndicated independent Contrarian
     Columnist for Out2.com and also serves as chief national and foreign
    correspondent for Out2.com. [Go to Out2.com, register a city, click on
        Govt & Politics.] He is a civil libertarian who has formed an
    exploratory committee to consider seeking the 2006 Illinois Republican
    Party gubernatorial nomination. He has served as an Adjunct Professor
    of Law and holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois
                               College of Law.
     Media contact (866) 706-2639 Comments? Suggestions? E-mail Andy at:
                         [41]AndyforIllinois at aol.com

Chicago Tribune: Hale gets 40 years for plot to kill judge

    By Matt O'Connor
    Tribune staff reporter

    White supremacist Matthew Hale was sentenced to 40 years in prison
    Wednesday by a federal judge who called him "extremely dangerous" and
    said his solicitation to murder U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow was
    "an extreme, egregious attack against the rule of law."
    Hale, his voice often cracking with emotion, maintained his innocence
    during a rambling, two-hour speech, accusing the government of
    manufacturing evidence, his former lawyer of incompetence and the news
    media of defaming him.
    At times almost theatrical in his long monologue, Hale quoted from
    Thomas Jefferson, recalled how his father, a retired police officer,
    instilled in him a respect for the law, and ended his remarks by
    reciting a few lines from "The Star-Spangled Banner."
    "I hope the day will come when Judge Lefkow knows this is a lie," said
    Hale, acting as his own attorney, in a court ringed with security.
    "This is a horrible miscarriage of justice."
    But U.S. District Judge James T. Moody was unswayed and found--for the
    first time in Chicago's federal court--that Hale's solicitation to
    murder Lefkow was a crime of terrorism under federal sentencing
    Moody then imposed the maximum 40-year term, saying Hale's wrongdoing
    "undermines the judiciary's central role in our society and strikes at
    the very core of our system of government."
    A federal jury convicted Hale last April of soliciting his security
    chief, secretly working undercover for the FBI, to kill Lefkow because
    she ordered his supremacist group to change its name after losing a
    trademark-infringement lawsuit.
    Moody said Hale surrounded himself with troubled individuals to "feed
    his enormous ego" and manipulated them "to do his dirty work."
    "Mr. Hale had absolutely no qualms about taking the life of Judge
    Lefkow and others as long as he could appear to not be involved and
    had credible deniability," said Moody, a Hammond jurist who presided
    over the trial because of the inherent conflicts of interest among
    Lefkow's colleagues in Chicago.
    Hale, 33, of Downstate East Peoria, faces at least 34 years in prison
    before he would be eligible for release.
    Lonnie Nasatir, Midwest regional director for the Anti-Defamation
    League, said the long sentence for the "charismatic" Hale likely
    represents a crushing blow for his group, now called the Creativity
    The sentence devastated Hale's parents. Outside the courtroom, his
    mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, challenged a reporter to "actually tell what
    Matt said in there because Matt is the only one in that damn [court]
    room that spoke the truth."
    "It's a very sad day for me," she said later.
    At Hale's request, Moody recommended that he remain at the
    Metropolitan Correctional Center for six months to assist in his
    appeal, then be transferred to the federal prison in Pekin to be close
    to family.
    But attorney Thomas A. Gibbons, who is assisting Hale, said he
    believes it's likely Hale will end up in a maximum-security prison,
    perhaps in Florence, Colo., because of the length of the sentence, the
    nature of his conviction and the fact he is incarcerated under special
    administrative measures usually reserved for terrorist suspects.
    Gibbons said he expects a major issue in the appeal would be Moody's
    decision to allow some testimony at trial about the shooting spree of
    Hale follower Benjamin Smith in 1999. Smith targeted minorities,
    killing two, including former Northwestern basketball coach Ricky
    Byrdsong, and injuring nine others.
    In his remarks, Hale claimed that on a key undercover tape in which
    the informant, Tony Evola, asked if he wanted to "exterminate the
    rat," the two were discussing a male Jewish lawyer involved in the
    trademark lawsuit, not Lefkow.
    Hale maintained that authorities realized the problem, because four
    days later, Evola sent him an e-mail discussing going after the
    "female rat."
    "The only person in my church who ever talked about violence was Tony
    Evola," said Hale, the self-proclaimed Pontifex Maximus of the former
    World Church of the Creator. "He did it so many times I got used to
    Hale went so far as to suggest that the government's fabricated case
    against him may have inspired Bart Ross to kill Lefkow's husband and
    mother in late February. The judge had thrown out Ross' medical
    malpractice lawsuit last fall.
    Lefkow didn't attend Wednesday's sentencing, but U.S. Atty. Patrick J.
    Fitzgerald later called Hale's accusation "offensive" and "stupid" and
    derided his claims of innocence, referring to his "crocodile tears"
    during his courtroom remarks.
    Fitzgerald said he believes the special administrative measures should
    remain imposed on Hale, saying he remains a danger to solicit others
    to do harm.
    "I think anyone who seeks to kill by using their words to encourage
    others poses a threat," Fitzgerald told reporters.
    Hale declared--and authorities later confirmed--that the Metropolitan
    Correctional Center banned his parents from visiting him for one year.
    The ban is believed to be connected to his mother delivering a message
    to the media from Hale during the investigation into the murders of
    Lefkow's family.
    Hale and his followers were the focus of investigators until Ross
    confessed to the murders in a suicide note.
    Hale sought leniency from Moody in part because of the restricted
    contact he has with family and other inmates as a result of the
    special administrative measures. "I'd rather be in Siberia," Hale
    He spoke of the "hell" of solitary confinement, locked up in a small
    cell 23 hours a day, unable to hear "a bird chirp or see the sun shine
    or to behold the stars or to hear voices you care about."
    "They want me to die in a hole," said Hale, referring to the jailhouse
    nickname for solitary confinement. "How on Earth could a 40-year
    sentence be appropriate for this offense? Nobody was hurt."
    "I should be going home today," said Hale, incarcerated since early
    2003. "I should have gone home a long time ago."
    Hale would have faced a maximum of 14 years in prison without Moody's
    finding that Hale's crime amounted to an act of terrorism, said
    Gibbons, Hale's standby counsel.
    Authorities said Moody's ruling may be only the third time in the
    country that a judge boosted a sentence because of alleged terrorism
    In comments in court, Assistant U.S. Atty. M. David Weisman, who
    prosecuted Hale, said Hale qualifies as a domestic terrorist. "He is a
    terrorist because he speaks of violence and applauds violence against
    racial and religious minorities in this country," Weisman said. "More
    fundamentally, Matthew Hale is a terrorist because he would have
    retaliated against an official of our government for her conduct."
    As Hale delivered his monologue, three deputy U.S. marshals stood
    close by and as many as a dozen others were posted elsewhere in the
    Hale denied he hated Lefkow, noting she had originally ruled in his
    favor in the trademark lawsuit brought by an Oregon church with a
    similar name. An appeals court overturned her decision.
    Hale, a law school graduage who was denied a license largely because
    of his racist views, said he wrote the court papers that swayed Lefkow
    to rule in his favor. "That was one of the best days of my life," he
    Hale contended he sent an e-mail to followers seeking Lefkow's home
    address only because he planned to organize a demonstration outside
    her home if she held him in contempt for violating the court order to
    change his group's name.
    "There's a heck of a difference between a street demonstration and a
    murder," Hale said.
    But in his ruling, Moody said that days earlier, Hale had issued
    another e-mail to followers that called Lefkow's ruling "a sick,
    draconian order that in effect places our church in a state of war
    with this federal judge."
    If the church's constitutional rights were violated, "we can then
    treat them like the criminal dogs they are and take the law into our
    own hands," Hale wrote. "It will be open war on the Jews."
    - - -
    U.S. District Judge James T. Moody in sentencing
    Matthew Hale to 40 years in prison:
    "Mr. Hale is a highly educated, intelligent individual who
    surrounds himself with troubled individuals who feed
    his enormous ego. He is also very calculating and highly
    skilled in controlling and manipulating others . . . .
    Mr. Hale's irrational belief that Judge Lefkow's ruling
    represented the use of force and that he could then declare
    her a criminal and ask others to murder her is not only
    frightening and troubling, but it undermines the judiciary's
    central role in our society and strikes at the very core of our
    system of government. It is imperative that judges be able
    to perform their duties without fear of reprisal from people like
    Mr. Hale attempting to take their lives. I consider Mr. Hale to
    be extremely dangerous and the offenses for which he
    stands convicted to be an extreme, egregious attack
    against the rule of law in the United States. Mr. Hale's
    conduct impacts the very fabric of our judicial system and the
    ability of judges to function in a safe environment."

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