[Paleopsych] displaying emotion

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 18:55:19 UTC 2005

>>If you haven't been socialized into displaying 
emotions of caring about the downtrodden, the
despised, and the dispossessed, you can still favor 
NCLB if it promises to bring about improvements in
educating those you do care about.<<

--A side note here: I've noticed that a lot of people
seem to feel pressured to display concern for the
downtrodden, and react by displaying a kind of overly
dramatic UNCONCERN. Making a display of being
concerned without having genuine feelings (a shallow
response associated with middle class liberalism) is
not terribly different from displaying how little
concern one feels (knee-jerk reaction attributed to
middle class conservatives). Neither is as valuable as
having a genuine human connection to real people.

 I worry that in debates about public policy for the
poor, we've become so detached from the reality that
we argue about whether liberals or conservatives have
the more genuine emotional response, instead of basing
our decisions on the experiences of the human beings
affected by political decisions. 


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