[Paleopsych] "rebellious cult of man"

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 18:13:54 UTC 2005

Premise Checker quotes:
>>The rebellious cult of man may begin with the denial
of God's supremacy, but it doesn't end there. It ends
with the denial of all things higher than human desire
law, morality, culture, nation, and even nature

--What a bizarre belief. I know plenty of people who
don't believe in God but who have very good morals,
patriotism and appreciation for nature. Perhaps what
the author really means is, "If I didn't believe in my
own worthlessness in the eyes of God, I would lose all
my other values". 

Of course, Christianity cannot place nationality or
law above the "body of Christ", which is the central
metaphor for Christianity in the New Testament. The
book does say to obey authorities, but it doesn't say
one's allegiance to the state should be supreme. If
you're a Christian, you are by nature a globalist,
since you believe the community of faith transcends
borders and that the earth is meant to be ruled by
Jesus rather than by any national law. I don't see
that as incompatible with secure borders (any more
than making people take tests for driver's licenses is
anti-equality), and I seriously doubt Bush's
immigration policy has anything to do with
Christianity. Perhaps more to do with the Hispanic
vote. As far as I can tell, "liberal Christianity" is
the saner form, given some of the outrageous
statements made by religious conservatives in recent


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