[Paleopsych] realism in foreign policy

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 18:55:04 UTC 2005

>>In an editorial headlined "Realism's Shining
Morality," they wrote: "Overzealousness in the cause
of democracy (along with a corresponding
underestimation of the costs and dangers) has led to a
dangerous overstretch in Iraq," arguing that United
States interests may sometimes require cooperation
with undemocratic regimes.<<

--I'm not sure how that's controversial... obviously
further military adventures would be costly and likely
require a draft, which nobody seems to want. The
limits of a volunteer military funded by taxpayer
money are being felt out by the administration, which
I hope will be honest with itself about the cost. And
we're not about to withdraw our involvement with the
Saudis or Pakistan if it means the possibility of
religious zealots taking over and nationalizing oil or
gaining control of Pakistan's nukes. It seems like the
real disagreement is over how *honest* to be about our
policies. It's one thing for a government to use lofty
rhetoric to sell its policies to the public, another
thing for an administration to believe its own
rhetoric and overextend itself. I don't know whether
our current leadership knows the difference, but I
don't think most policy analysts would support
democracy at any price in the Middle East or unlimited
military expansion.


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