[Paleopsych] Corporations that pay no taxes

Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D. ljohnson at solution-consulting.com
Mon Apr 18 01:52:11 UTC 2005

The reason for that is that the government has an insane plan of taxing 
corporations. Any profits are taxed, and then if the corp gives them out 
as dividends, they are taxed again. People and corporations dodge taxes 
when they are too high. I disagree with Steve; taxes are in fact a drag 
on economies, since government spending is inherently inefficient, since 
it is not constrained by market forces. See Japan as an example of high 
taxes and a moribund economy; compare Hong Kong or Singapore with 
vibrant economies and low taxes.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>While the middle class struggles to fulfill its tax obligations, 
>60 percent of corporations pay no taxes at all. 
>At a time of rising corporate profits, the GAO reports that 
>95 percent of corporations paid less than 5 percent of their income 
>in taxes, and 6 in 10 paid nothing at all in federal taxes from 1996 
>through 2000. 
>With corporate tax dodging at a record high, and the percentage of federal tax 
>revenue from corporations approaching record lows, middle class Americans 
>should expect to pick up more of the tab from the Bush administration's skewed
>tax agenda.
>Steve Hovland
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