[Paleopsych] Entelechy: Mind & Culture; Spring/Summer issue no.5

Alice Andrews andrewsa at newpaltz.edu
Tue Apr 19 09:40:53 UTC 2005

      Hi paleos! Hope you'll take a look at the new Spring/Summer issue!


      best wishes, alice  

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            Alice Andrews
            Bill Bakaitis
            Celia Bland 
            Howard Bloom 
            Natalie Bronstein 
            James Brody
            Joseph Carroll
            Jennifer Cazenave
            Frank Craig
            Greg Darms
            Wyatt Ehrenfels
            Adrian Flange
            Miriam Fried
            Bjorn Grinde
            Nancy W. Hall
            Bradley Earle Hoge
            Elizabeth Insogna
            John A. Johnson
            C.L. Jones
            Robert Kelly
            Laura Kipnis
            Sharmagne Leland-St. John
            P.P. Levine
            Megan J.Z.
            Chris Metze
            Jeff Miller
           (click on title or scroll down 'zine)  

             spring/summer no.5

            The Dark Side |  h.d. steklis
            Three Girls A Comin' |  david tucker
            Ultima Ratio Regum  | greg darms
             Ready to Look  |  lindsey vona 
            Flores Man |  bradley earle hogue
            Future Perfect |  miriam fried
            Puer Aeternus |  adrian flange
            Don't Jump Too Soon | john a. musacchio
            Morphic Fields and 
            Morphic Resonance| rupert sheldrake
             Literature as Social Interaction |  joseph carroll
            The Roots of Omnology |  howard bloom
            In Search of Positivism |  pauline uchmanowich
            Children's Classics for a New Age | nancy w. hall
            Green Symphony |  jenny nelson
             Transmission | chris metze 

           Rich Murphy 
            John A. Musacchio
            Jenny Nelson
            Jill Parisi
            Gretchen Primack
            Irene Pérez
            Marnia Robinson
            Jennifer Ryan
            Natalie Safir
            E. M. Salle
            Rupert Sheldrake
            Joseph Shohan
            David Livingstone Smith
            Todd I. Stark
            H.D. Steklis
            Jason Stern
            Iva Spitzer
            Paula Superti
            David Tucker
            George Wallace
            George Williamson 
            Jannie Wolff
            John Wymore
            Pauline Uchmanowicz
            Lindsey Vona
            psychological    philosophical    spiritual    scientific    political    mathematical    semiotic   memetic    postmodern    evolutionary   

Alice Andrews
Department of Psychology
State University of New York at New Paltz
75 S. Manheim Blvd
New Paltz, NY 12561
andrewsa at newpaltz.edu

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