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Hear hear; agreement: Too Much Information.
There needs to be _some_ concept of EDITING
in truly thoughtful communication among intelligent people.
Too many of the articles on paleopsych lately
I can recall in their original forms as fossil, 'wire' reports.
Too often I've recognized topics -far outside my
specialty- as out-of-date, superseded reports.

This list is too much becoming the mere documenting of that which
passes before the eyeballs of one 'Premise Checker'.
What productive individual could read any part of all this?
You get a B-L-O-G for your every thought, PC -
not my inbox.

Sure, this is a problem, but what productive person could edit any part of 
all this?  You're asking for an edited publication rather than a selective news 
feed, a completely different investment and serving a slightly different 

Think of an engineering tradeoff between selectivity and sensitivity.  The 
dilemma of "false negatives" vs. "false positives."  The news feed is more 
sensitive to information of remotely possible value and less selective about it 
while the email is intended to be more selective and better organized but will 
neccessarily miss all sorts things of potential interest.  

The articles chosen are reasonably relevant to the topics discussed on the 
list (and usually reasonably timely), but given through the same channel they 
tend to drown out other kinds of discussions.

So I suggest that the email channel be edited but that the news feed remain 
in a form allowing it to be filtered and aggregated.  I think "Premise Checker" 
does a great job finding things of potential relevance to the kind of topics 
discussed on this list, if we can separate out the channels.  

It occurs to me that there wasn't much activity at all on this list before 
the news feed started back up!

kind regards,

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