[Paleopsych] What's the survival value of post traumaticstressdisorder?

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 27 13:58:16 UTC 2005

"Preparation" for combat related stress most likely
consists of emotional numbing, which is not very

Most people are not prepared in any way for combat,
and perhaps cannot be.  They will be ptsd, and large
parts of their life will be wasted because of it.  They
will also damage the lives of people around them.

I have heard that Iraq vets are being given multiple
prescriptions for anti-depressants and are being
told not to say anything on pain of proscecution.
There will be no relief for them.

Nothing valuable is learned from being raped.
Telling the story may reduce the pain but it never
goes away completely.  And our society has little
interest in going to the root cause of the anger
against women that motivates rape.  So we
learn nothing from it, any more than we do from
the suffering of war.  

A part of us loves suffering, and loves to inflict it 
on others.  Pleasure is fleeting, but pain can go
on forever- a much more reliable source of
energy for those who feed on it.

Creative people constantly learn from the
"accidents" in their work.  But although an 
accident in a painting can be useful, an accident 
in a car is useless.

Steve Hovland

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