[Paleopsych] Annual Meeting: Association for Politics and the Life Sciences

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Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting
The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
August 31 - September 4, 2005

[This is very much worth attending. We were there in 2000 and will be going 

    The 2005 Annual Meeting of the Association for Politics and the Life
    Sciences (APLS) will be held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC,
    August 31 - September 4, 2005. The APLS meeting will be held
    simultaneously with the American Political Science Association Annual

    [1]General Preregistration
    [2]Preregistration for Newcomers
    [3]Preregistration for Science Journalists

    Be sure to enter this plsplsa in the group code box to receive the
    APLS special rate.

    Individual presentation, panel, and roundtable proposals are welcome
    on any topic that pertains to:

    *Bioterrorism: communications, preparedness, arms control,
    agricultural biosecurity, bioweapons, origins of war.
    *Biobehavior: evolutionary psychology, criminal behavior, ape
    language, dolphin sociobiology; feminist thought, gender politics,
    chaos theory;
    *Biopolicy: cloning, reproductive strategies, stem cells, AIDS, policy
    analysis, health policy, aging policy, assisted suicide;
    *Bioethics: euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, reproductive
    ethics, medical ethics, philosophy;
    *Biotechnology: genetically modified foods, plant made
    pharmaceuticals, pest control, nutraceuticals, genomics, antibiotic
    resistance, proteomics;
    *Environment: climate change, regulation, sustainability, coral reef
    depletion, population problems; species invasion, international treaty
    law, biodiversity, risk and uncertainty.
    *Science journalism: media and biopolicy, media and bioterrorism,
    academics and the media.

    To accommodate the varying norms of the many disciplines represented
    in APLS, printed papers are not required. Emphasis is placed instead
    on carefully prepared oral presentations. Papers are certainly
    welcome, however, and will be made available to participants in the
    exhibit area. In lieu of discussants, session chairs play an active
    role as facilitators of discussion among panelists and between
    panelists and the audience.


    The last seven meetings of APLS were highlighted by keynote speakers:
    E.O. Wilson, Frans de Waal, Lionel Tiger, Francis Fukuyama, Matt
    Ridley, Arthur Caplan, and Gary Marcus.

    Napolean Chagnon, will be the keynote speaker in Washington this year.
    Dr. Chagnon is a Professor Emeritus of Sociobiology at the University
    of California, Santa Barbara and is recognized for his pathbreaking
    studies of tribal warfare among the Yanomamo tribes in the Amazon
    Basin. His book, Yanomamo, is a classic and one of the most widely
    read texts in the field of anthropology.
    Napoleon Chagnon joins an exciting group of plenary speakers and a
    formidable set of panels and roundtables on politics and the life
    sciences. In addition, there will be a welcoming reception, and poster
    session, morning and afternoon coffee breaks, a banquet, and a book

    Hotel Accommodations

    The 2005 APLS Meeting will be held August 31 - September 4 in
    Washington at The Mayflower Hotel.

    The Mayflower Hotel
    1127 Connecticut Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20036
    Tel: 1-800-hotels1 or 1-800-408-3571

    For information on submitting proposals for individual presentations,
    roundtables, or panels click on:
    The deadline for receipt of proposals is May 1, 2005.


    1. http://www.hass.usu.edu/~apls/2005conference/prereglinks.html
    2. http://www.hass.usu.edu/~apls/2005conference/preNClinks.html
    3. http://www.hass.usu.edu/~apls/2005conference/prejornlinks.html
    4. http://www.renaissancehotels.com/wassh
    5. http://www.hass.usu.edu/~apls/2005conference/proposals.html

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