[Paleopsych] Black-White-East Asian IQ differences

Greg Bear ursus at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 27 21:27:28 UTC 2005

Must intrude here. This sort of nonsense is so unscientific as to be

Major undefined terms: IQ (what is it really measuring?)
Intelligence: In what environment does your IQ give you an advantage?
Nature, society, Mad Max country?

"Genetic"--where is the gene for intelligence, or the set of genes? Do these
genes differ between the races? We do not know. 

This general belief system, expressed with the utmost arrogance in THE BELL
CURVE,  is generally held by a class of mathematically adept middle-aged and
older white males with pretensions to an understanding of some of the major
biological issues of our time. Their ignorance of genetics is profound. Most
of their language and conceptual structure refers to outmoded genetics of
forty to fifty years ago--and they've never heard of epigenetics, the study
of how genes are switched on and off, activated and deactivated. Indeed--not
only do we now know that "defective" genes can be corrected in non-Mendelian
ways, having little to do with one's parentage, but even "perfect" genes can
be switched off in certain environments, after development and birth.

Population groups put under pressure--through war, prejudicial treatment,
incarceration, or outright persecution--are likely to witness major
differences in the EXPRESSION of certain (possibly) genetic traits, which
could statistically help them adapt to a dangerous and stressful
environment. These adaptations may result in a skewing of IQ results, even
should such tests be culturally neutral--which they are not--by focusing
their nervous reaction to stimuli and deemphasizing their ability to focus
on tasks of less immediate importance--that is, a written test. Fight or
write, so to speak.

We cannot test the Irish in 1840's Ireland or New York, or the Hungarians
pressed over centuries by various contending hordes, or poor white trash in
the American South before the Civil War. Supposedly honorable white men in
their day referred to these populations as "low" and cretinous, and believed
that intermarriage would not be advantageous.

IQ matters most among equal populations in a fair and civilized society, all
things being equal socially; any other circumstance is skewed to those
raised with various spoons of precious metals and family tradition firmly
thrust into their mouths. 'Twas ever thus.  

So my questions of these researchers would be: "Which fifty percent of the
genome would you blame? The right half, or the left? The one in the middle?
Which genes are you pointing to? Are you speaking of generalities, or
specifics? If the latter, what specifically are you trying to say?

"And why does this sound so much like the same sort of ignorant, prejudicial
crap promulgated throughout the ages by people of influence, to maintain
their status through any means possible, fair or unfair?" 

White mathematically educated males of tested high IQ, trying to prove that
IQ is inbred and important... hm. Sounds like a class in search of
justification to me.

I'd challenge these folks to a duel on the public commons any day of the
week. Easy money. Facts and native charm versus their almighty IQs.

Greg Bear

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>>Black-White-East Asian IQ differences at least 
50% genetic, major law review journal concludes<<

--If this is true, how should society change to deal
with it? Also, what is the IQ difference for someone
with a male or female parent of a different race, or
for various blends?


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