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Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 5 05:13:13 UTC 2005

Neurosphere: The Convergence of Evolution, Group Mind, and the Internet
by Donald P. Dulchinos

Editorial Reviews

>From Publishers Weekly
Dulchinos, a manager in the cable television industry and longtime
participant in the WELL, one of the first online communities, sees
communication technology leading humanity toward global consciousness.
Questions of whether the Internet might constitute a "group mind" have been
newsgroup fodder for years, supplying a range of online material excerpted
here. Dulchinos is also inspired by Teilhard de Chardin, whose concept of
"noosphere" has been reworked into "neurosphere" to represent "a mature
religious view commensurate with the evolutionary stage at which we find
ourselves." Rather than developing a single line of argument, the text
presents a collage of metaphysical speculation, punctuated with a touch of
whimsy: "We may very well be on the verge of a consistent and simultaneous
human experience... the ability to act with a single will. Hitler, among
others, exploited this. Consider, on the other hand, that perhaps apparently
benign 'personalities' like Madonna and Barney the Dinosaur likewise wield a
perverse influence on large populations." Yet Dulchinos maintains the
courage of his convictions, hoping to convince others "that each of them,
even the most miserable and destitute, is an equally important part of this
massively parallel, loosely affiliated, but still cohesive
6-billion-parts-strong Being. All of us together, we are God."

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