[Paleopsych] Shhhhh is this another Ur Strategy?

K.E. guavaberry at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 9 18:17:33 UTC 2005

hi everyone,

sorry to interrupt the present conversation . . .
but i've been wondering about this . . . .

What is shhhhh? and does this fall under another UR strategy

a western custom or is it
a world wide "instinct" we all have to use shhhhhh
for shushing  a baby to stop crying
or to calm a crying baby or crying child.

Is this another Ur Strategy?

Do all human babies recognize this as the
signal to be quiet?

Do all cultures use this?

I imagine it sounding like a snake's rattle
but that doesn't mean much. I've heard it
the same sound calm's horses and sounds
similar to the word for thank you in mandarin.

Do we know anything about shhhhh?
Appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Karen Ellis

Re: Ur strategies and the moods of cats and dogs
hb to pavel kurakin: I've had an adventure that will force me to stop 
for the night.  One of my cats attacked me and tore several holes in 
my face, nearly removing one of my eyes.

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