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Dear  Friends,
DER SPIEGEL in today's account of the judical  defeat of "Intelligent Design" 
wrote as follows: "Richter John Jones erklärte in der  Urteilsbegründung, es 
sei erstaunlich, dass mehrere Mitglieder des Schulrats  stolz ihren Glauben in 
der Öffentlichkeit verkündeten, sich aber nicht  scheuten, zu lügen". In 
translation:"Judge Jon Jones declared in  his judgement that it is astonishing, 
that a number of members of the  Schoolcouncil proclaimed proudly their faith, 
but did not heistate to  lie". Astonishing and wonderful of the Judge! The very 
 essence of science is disinterested integrity, and that has been lacking in  
Intelligent Design and its various mutants. 
Cheers, Val Geist

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