[Paleopsych] A superpower on life support

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 1 09:16:20 UTC 2005

In recent years the US has been styling itself as 
the last remaining superpower, able to dictate
the establishment of a Pax Americana without
significant opposition.

If you look at our finances, you see a different

The USSR crumbled because they could no
longer afford the Cold War game.

We are about to crumble because we can no
longer pay cash to finance our activities.

Most of our prosperity is financed by a mountain
of debt that now threatens the economy of the
entire planet.

In their foolish greed our largest corporations
have exported vast amounts of capital to India
or China, who now have trade surpluses while
we have trade deficits that compound our
budget deficits.  This is a zero sum game.

The day will come when the world recognizes
that we have spent all of the gold that we found
at the end of our continental rainbow a mere
200 years ago.

When that day comes they will no longer buy
Dollar bonds, but Euro bonds.  Indeed, the last
straw with Saddam Hussein was that he started
to price his oil in Euro's.

When that day comes we will find that India,
China, Japan, and Europe will be our equal 
partners because we won't be in any position
to refuse their demands.

When that day comes we will no longer be
a psychotic Gulliver stomping on all who dare
to oppose us.  We will be one among equals
living in a more benign equilibrium with the

Steve Hovland

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