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Tue Feb 1 15:37:15 UTC 2005

Soho House Showdown: Monica Lewinsky Vs. Chelsea Clinton

    chelsea.JPG A reader sends us a very special Page Six sighting:

      Chelsea Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in Soho House last night at
      different ends of the lounge.

    Whoa. We didn't know Soho House was still open! And we can only
    imagine how things went down in the ladies' room:

      Monica: Um, this is awkward.
      Chelsea: Yeah.
      Monica: Come on, Chelsea--can't we get past this? Aren't we ever
      going to be friends?
      Chelsea: No, Monica. You humped my dad's Cristo.
      Monica: But I brought [3]analingus to the forefront of national
      consciousness. Surely that's helped things with you and Ian!
      Chelsea: Stay the hell away from my boyfriend.

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