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I wonder why some people think I'm a cynic?  :-)

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The influence of deceptive marketing grows in the GOP
(those familiar with Newt's GOPAC memo and other PR
strategies won't be too surprised):

by Sheldon Rampton
Thanks to PR Watch forums contributor "El Gringo" for
calling our attention to a really atrocious example of
dishonest propaganda. The graphic at right is by Linda
Eddy, an artist for the website,
IowaPresidentialWatch.com. Owned by Roger Hughes,
chairman of the Republican Party in Hamilton County,
Iowa, the website spent the recent U.S. presidential
election calling Democratic candidate John Kerry a
habitual liar and comparing him to Nazi propagandist
Joseph Goebbels - which is awfully ironic in light of
its own promotion of a big lie. 
The image you see here might lead you to believe that
the child in the picture has been made "glad" and
secure thanks to the U.S. troop presence in Iraq. As
"El Gringo" discovered, however, Lindy Eddy doctored
the photograph. The original 
photo, taken by a journalist, depicted a young girl
who had just received bullet wounds during a firefight
in which her mother was killed and her father was
wounded. Eddy doctored the photo by erasing the little
girl's own face (which carries the listless expression
you would expect from an injured child) and replacing
with someone else's face to make her look positively
radiant and adoring.


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