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Hey guys, is there any way we can post one or two
paragraphs of an article, with a link? If there's no
link available, it makes sense to post the whole
thing, but when there are a dozen long articles
posted, I have to skim through them all and probably
miss some good info along the way. 

>>Heterosexuality always was the Achilles heel of
feminism because the asymmetries involved usually took

the form of adequacy for one sex, inadequacy for the

--The achilles' heel of feminism is that women tend to
be competitive for male attention and are sensitive to
the pecking order. For feminism to work, women must be
able to stand on their own, with or without male
approval, and it's as difficult for them as it is for
men who are very short or have feminine mannerisms to
get respect. Each gender has its outcasts, and any
"ism" that wants to get at the root of the problem
should champion the outcasts, on both sides. 

The association of feminism with homosxuality makes
sense in that strong women and homosexuals are both at
risk for outcast status, but it also becomes an easy
for anti-feminists to stereotype feminists without
listening to their diverse arguments. Probably the
label "feminism" has become such a hindrance that it
should be changed, and the easiest way I can think of
to do that would be to expand the concept to include
males who don't fit in. Society has become more and
more zealous in its "fitness" selection process, and
with plastic surgery for women and men using steroids
to overemphasize their masculinity, it's taking on a
fascist flavor that is extremely toxic for young
people. Girls are starving themselves and vomiting,
boys are threatening their health and falsifying their
personalities to become acceptable to the group.
Individuals in both genders need permission to stand
alone, apart from the selection process, and become
who they really are. As long as feminism concentrates
on women alone, there will be a polar response by
"masculinists" who feel threatened by women gaining
power and react by withdrawing into 50's stereotypes.
But if feminism joins a broader movement to champion
those thrown out of the societal sieve, it may
contribute enormous value to both men and woman caught
up in a game they don't want to play, which forces
their moves at every step under penalty of rejection
and humiliation. 


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