[Paleopsych] Al-Jazeerah: KGB Chieftain finds Home at US Homeland Security By Mike Whitney

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KGB Chieftain finds Home at US Homeland Security By Mike Whitney 
Opinion Editorials, January 2005

[I have not seen any confirmation of this.]

     By Mike Whitney
     Al-Jazeerah, January 22, 2005

"Security and liberty go hand-in-hand. Members of Congress, like too many 
Americans, don't understand that society with no constraints on its 
government cannot be secure. History proves that societies crumble when 
governments become more powerful than the people and private 
-- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas)

Why would Homeland Security hire former Stasi chief, Markus Wolfe and 
former head of the KGB, General Yevgeni Primakov?

Is this part of the Bush anti-terror strategy? After all, Wolfe is the man 
who is credited with building up the feared East German secret police that 
was responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands of citizens. 
And, Primakov's record is not any better. As skipper of the KGB he was 
driving force behind the machinery of state terror; a legacy that still 
has a chilling affect on many Russians.

Now, apparently, they've found a new place to hang their hats at Homeland 
Security. Or have they? Perhaps, the numerous stories on the internet are 
just fabrications intended to mislead independent research. That's 
certainly one possibility. But, consider this; for those who have followed 
the activities of the current administration (the torture, the deception, 
the death squads, the destruction of Falluja) stories like this are 
difficult to discount. As a matter of fact, the hiring of Primakov and 
Wolfe seems fairly consistent with the long-term goals of the Bush team.

We already know that there's a power struggle within the government from 
the number of top agents who have been jettisoned at the CIA. Why not 
develop a new Security apparatus under the auspices of a proven loyalist 
like Michael Chertoff? (the new appointee at Homeland Security.) That 
would require the expertise of a couple of old pros who can help-out with 
the basics and get the machinery of state repression clanking along?

The move is not unprecedented either. As Noam Chomsky points out in SS 
officer Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher of Lyon" was employed by the US Army 
after WW2 to "spy on the French". Col. Eugene Kolb of Army 
counterintelligence later admitted that Barbie's "skills were badly 
needed...His activities had been directed against the underground French 
Communist party and the resistance' who were targeted for repression by 
the American liberators". ("What Uncle Sam Really Wants") Other Nazi 
leaders were also used in counterintelligence operations in Italy. They 
were regarded as "specialists in anti-resistance activities."

Primakov has allegedly been hired to oversee the issuing of federal IDs. 
Now that the new Intelligence Reform Act has passed, (uniform) federal 
standards will be required for licenses within two years. All the citizens 
personal, credit and biometric history will be stored on one small 
document. No one will drive a car or get on a plane without one. Don't 
leave home without it, or else.

The new federal ID will be required in all financial transactions. Details 
will be electronically transferred to Office of Internal Security (which 
falls under the authority of Homeland Security) which will keep "threat 
files" on each citizen. Ultimately, the ID will be used as an "internal 
passport" (Primakov's words) so the government can keep tabs on the 
movements of every citizen; to keep us safe, of course. Sound Orwellian? 
This is what our "freedom loving" Congressmen and Senators overwhelmingly 
supported in the Intelligence Reform Act. Most of its provisions were 
written nearly a full year earlier as part of Patriot Act 2. It slipped by 
the media without a whimper of dissent. There's also plenty of "enhanced 
powers" for the President; like the ability to incarcerate suspects 
indefinitely without charges. But, then, George would never abuse that 
authority, would he?

Apparently, there's a Patriot Act 3 in the hopper, too. Investigative 
journalist Al Martin believes that this new addition will be intended to 
"establish the internal mechanism to coordinate, as an official function 
of state, a system of informants."

"System of informants"? The land of the free and the home of the snitches.

This must be where a man with Markus Wolfe's unique talents fits in. As 
Stasi king-pin he reportedly groomed an impressive network of moles, finks 
and stool-pigeons. His professional know-how will probably be soothing 
balm to the quick-learners at Homeland Security. It's bon voyage to the 
enemies of the State.

Of course, all of this could just be more paranoid, conspiratorial 

After sitting through 45 minutes of President Windy's delusional ramblings 
of "global liberation", that seems rather unlikely. Our national nightmare 
is grounded in some very real changes in the law, and we already know how 
far these people will go.

The political remedies to the Bush onslaught are diminishing by the day 
and the observations of Texas congressman Ron Paul are looking 
increasingly more prophetic. Paul said, "Those who believe a police-state 
can't happen here are poor students of history. Every government, 
democratic or not, is capable of tyranny. We must understand this if we 
hope to remain a free people."

--Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) "It Can't Happen Here"

Thanks to Al Martins "Get Ready for the USSA" (United Soviet States of 
America) "Behind the scenes in the Beltway"

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