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Law Notes -- Home Page

[This is an excellent source of a literalist reading of American law.
[Exercise: Why is this sort of thing so often rudely dismissed? Do not say 
what is wrong with the views. I'm asking a different question.
[This is best viewed just by clicking on the URL.]

                           APPONO ASTOS

     "If you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you." -- Benjamin

    Law Notes
    (Common Law Ramblings and other neat stuff
    relating to personal sovereignty. U.S. Flag
    [1]Play National Anthem
    [2]CD ERRORS
    [11]Law Humor?

    [12]Other links
    [13]Challenge to Larry Becraft
    You never learned this
    in law school!


          If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of
          civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
                           Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

      This is a good place to start. You will find lots of good stuff in
      plain English that is not taught in law school. Warning: If you are
      an idealistic sort of person who tends to side with freedom for the
      people, then this site may be your government's worst nightmare,
      especially after you read about [15]jury duty, what the [16]legal
      difference is between being one of the people of the country and
      one of the citizens, and why we pledge allegiance to the
      [17]Republic instead of a democracy.


      New to this site? Just start at the top and read everything in this
      Wise men are instructed by reason;
      Men of less understanding, by experience;
      The most ignorant, by necessity;
      The beasts by nature.
      Letters to Atticus[?], Cicero
      [19]Language and Dictionaries Which English language do you speak?
      [20]People or citizen? Which one are you?
      [21]Bill of Rights
           All rights are available to the People of the U.S.
           But only some rights are granted as privileges to Citizens of
           the U.S.
      [22]Sovereignty -- notes and case law
      [23]Republic vs. democracy -- Do you know the difference? The
      [24]Army knows!
      [25]California Admission to Union -- a Republic, not a democracy.
      [26]Court -- the substantive definition
      [27]Court of Record -- 4 1/2 substantive requirements to qualify
           Also, see [28]Nisi Prius Court -- a court of no record, by
           prior agreement
      [29]Court etiquette -- some unwritten rules
      [30]Habeas Corpus -- What it really is
      [31]Confirmatio Cartarum, Requires officials to accept Magna Carta
           as the common law
      [32]Magna Carta -- Foundation of liberty
      [33]Interpretation of Magna Carta and Confirmatio Cartarum


      [35]Jurisdiction Some history and theory
      [36]Internal Revenue Code says the Internal Revenue Code is not
      [37]Who and What is the IRS? -- background info
      [38]California Vehicle Code Sec. 17460 -- Vehicle Code is a
      [39]California Vehicle Code Sec. 15210 -- Vehicle code defers to
      federal definitions.
      Driver's License not needed to [40]travel privately, when not
      engaged in commerce
      [41]Resident -- by claiming you are a resident you enter interstate
      commerce jurisdiction
      [42]Nisi Prius Court -- a court of no record, by prior agreement


      [44]Court Papers are letters to the court in a special "court"
      [45]Notice and Request -- Your first reaction to your adversary;
      points to include
      [46]Notice and Request -- Example
      [47]What do you do when you are in front of a judge?
      [48]Dismissal for Failure to State a Claim -- judge may not dismiss
      [49]Petition for Discretionary Review -- A judge's advice about
      [50]Elements of Strategy -- for conducting a court case
      [51]Press Release -- How to do a press release
      [52]Preserve error for appeal
      [53]The Forgotten Trial -- how to handle the penalty phase
      [54]The common law of access to governmental records -- F.O.I.A.
      failed? Try this.


      [56]Handbook for Jurors--Must read before accepting jury duty.
      [57]Jury Nullification -- an "unreviewable and unreversible power"
      [58]Article -- The Intriguing Doctrine of Jury Nullification
      [59]Article -- A form of Civil Protest Grows in the Jury Rooms
      [60]Letter -- Why unanimity among twelve jurors?
      [61]Jury Tampering -- Educating jurors is not jury tampering.
      [62]Titles of Nobility -- A jury of peers, members of the peerage,
      would be one of these people
      [63]Jury Nullification -- Buy this book!
      [64]The trial of William Penn -- Landmark case confirmed the power
      of the jury and freedom of religion


      [66]Common law background from before 1176
      [67]Clinton should not be impeached because...
      [68]Declaration of Independence -- analysis of style
      [69]Origins of the Electoral College -- explanation and history
      [70]Electoral College -- Mathematical proof Electoral College
      prevents dictatorship
           "Those who cast the votes decide nothing;
           those who count the votes decide everything."
           Josef Stalin
      [71]The Greenwood Position -- Summary of the year 2000 presidential
      [72]Trusts -- What are they. Suggested forms.
      [73]Dictionaries in Supreme Court decisions
      [74]Rules for changing a Republic into a Monarchy -- Written
      1792--compare with today
      [75]How to Write -- Improve your general writing ability
      [76]The Necessity and Usefullness of Laws -- Written 1708 by
      request of the grand jury
      [77]Petitions for discretionary review--suggestions from the judge
      who reviews the requests
      [78]No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander
      [79]Texas Trial Lawyers Association -- a good source of essays
      [80]What is a Nazi? -- Letter written by one who was there. Compare
      with today


      [82]Constitution for the United States of America protects access
      to common law
      [83]Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and
           THE authoritative source of information from the government's
      point of view.
           Over 2000 pages of mostly honest information about our
      Constitution. (Common Law removed from index).
      [84]Limited Immunity -- for public officials
      Opinions about the Elian Gonzalez fiasco: 1. from the [85]People or
      2. from the [86]government [87]14 Federal Ethics -- for federal
      [88]The trial of Jesus -- a 20th Century judge's critique
      [89]Man too smart for police force -- Does this reveal the real
      [90]Act of Confederation--The original United States of America,
      before the present day Constitution
      [91]Northwest Ordinance, July 13, 1787
      [92]Words of Encouragement for those honorably in jail because they
      tried to exercise their rights.
      [93]Arsenic and the nobility
      [94]CIA discloses what it considers inconceivable
      [95]Government surveilance: An exciting new export
      Solon on social justice; and other [96]gems of wisdom
      [97]Wire taps? -- The paranoids were right: Yep, they're listening
      [98]Spy Interactive -- What's happening behind 2-way interactive TV
      [99]Black Programs -- It is now officially OK to lie to the public
      [100]General Smedley Butler -- He declined offer in 1932 for
      dictatorship of U.S.
      [101]Newstates of America -- Proposed new constitution for U.S.A.
      -- bye bye freedom

      [102]Cicero -- Power and Law are mutually contentious
      [103]Gun Control Books -- Gun control research resources
      [104]Columbine High School Massacre -- Victim's commentary
      [105]Death by government -- In the 20th century more people
      murdered by their own governments than killed by all other
      unnatural causes combined.
      [106]Lawyers -- Are they really needed? See this survey
      [107]Lawyers -- Opinion by H. L. Menchen
      [108]Attorney's License requirement and Oath of Office--No attorney
      fulfills this requirement.
      [109]13 Famous lawyers -- All but one never went to law school
      [110]Disciples' Destinies -- The prices they paid for their
      [111]Countries bombed -- by the U.S. since World War II
      Found? Could this be the REAL [112]Supreme Court of the United
      [113]Buffalo Hunting the way the government likes it


      [114]Review of proposed Declaration of Independence" -- by
      Management Analyst to the British Crown
      [115]Response to Long Form Census -- Depends on what the definition
      of "is" is.
      [116]Bicycle Law: Worthy of Judicial Notice.
      [117]Judgment--before the ACLU was established
      [118]Fair Fee--for services rendered
      [119]How to be a blazing success as an interior decorator
      [120]Baked Chicken Recipe Risky, but good!



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