[Paleopsych] inconvenient election

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 10 19:05:10 UTC 2005

Steve, this is bordering on incoherent. I am concerned about you.

Do you remember the orgy of happy talk
that occurred in the days following the
election in Iraq?

(Actually, there was plenty of "well, let's not get carried away" talk in 
the media. This paragraph makes little sense.)

One would have thought that Jesus Christ
had returned to Earth and was performing
miracles on a grand scale.

(No one I know thought that - this seems a bit delusional on your part, 

The Golden Age of Democracy and Freedom
had dawned, and the President's partisans
were wallowing in deep vats of self-congratulation.

(No, there was some happiness the goal had been reached, but awareness it 
is just a first step. Many things can yet go wrong.)

And now a great fog of distraction has settled
over us.

(Who specifically? I don't feel distracted!)

Everything but the election is the moment by
moment subject of the talking heads.

(Old news? Old story! So what? Life moves on. When Iraq writes the 
constitution, it will be news again.)

A massive effort to promote tort deform,
Social Insecurity, and Medicare Drug Fraud
commands our attention.

(hate speech is not a sufficient substitute for careful thought, Steve. 
Surely you are smarter than what this use of mislabeling would imply. 
Dialog requires mutual respect; as I learned in the army, we must always 
respect our enemy. To fail to do so means we disrespect ourselves. ee 
cummings said something like, 'unbeing returns upon the unself, space being 
curved.' Hate speech will eventually rebound on yourself, and it will cause 
more suffering. Must you suffer?)

Meanwhile, the unelected but Elect election
officials of Iraq continue to sift through the ballots
like demented Alchemists eternally filtering
their precious fluids in search of the true gold.

(Now you are completely incoherent. Steve, get a grip! You need to 
cultivate some compassion and peace. Since you are anti-christian, I would 
suggest Buddhism, an excellent religion that doesn't require you believe in 
any God. Please give it a try.)


Steve Hovland

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