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Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 11 06:06:34 UTC 2005

I'm aware that you tend to be cerebral.

Beware.  A Limbic Warrior like me will
use that to f*** up your head :-)

I would refer you to the work on emotional
intelligence for a survey of the power you
are missing.

There are at least 4 major areas where
the right is not contributing anything, and
where the left could take over if they
wished:  Budget Deficit, Trade Deficit,
Health Care, and Energy Policy.

I think that Iraq will prove to be a disaster
and that the real national interests of the
US will be badly damaged by that failure.

Steve Hovland

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Certainly I would miss that. Not big on poetry anyway, except for pretty 
straightforward stuff, so it might go over my head. I like Waddie Mitchell.

I am interested in Left thoughts, but I find them too emotional. There 
is an attempt to change 'liberal' to 'progressive' but, as Opinion 
Journal says, first they have to come up with something progressive. 
Digression. Well, what I am looking for is education, links, data, stuff 
that enlightens me. I am fond of the cerebral cortex, not the limbic 
system. I looked at Moveon.org a whle back, and found it barren of any 
actual exploration. Lacked data. I read townhall.com and find the 
arguments generally well reasoned, except that Ann Coulter who is mainly 
a humorist. Love Tom Sowell.

At the University (adjunct prof), I find the liberals are generally 
incapable of thoughtful discourse, and I wonder if I am on to something 
general or if I am just unlucky. They get irrational. I almost lost a 
good friend recently when I confided that I was reasonably certain that 
Iraq will work out pretty well, and I thought the war was a good thing. 
He was practically shaking with emotion,a nd it took him 3 months to 
calm down. We had lunch two weeks ago, and he has calmed down, but the 
guy thinks that Bush is a devil. I mean, based on what? And he cannot 
lay out a reasoned train of thought.

So perhaps I transfered my frustration with my friend onto you. I am 
seeking intelligent discourse. When the limbic system kicks into high 
gear, the blood flow to the frontal lobes diminishes, so functionally, 
high emotions equal loss of IQ points. I value intellect - data - 
science - reason - see it as 'man in god's image' and that.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>Have you considered the possibility that
>I sometimes write crazy irrational things
>to express my sense of a situation?
>More like poetry, perhaps?
>Steve Hovland

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