[Paleopsych] Democratic Family Values

Christian Rauh christian.rauh at uconn.edu
Tue Feb 15 14:05:29 UTC 2005

Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D. wrote:
> Steve, I would add: We must control our borders. There is collusion 
> between government and business / agricultural interests to make illegal 
> immigration easy. Serious enforcement of immigration laws is not a 
> reality. I think that is a disaster in the making.

I strongly disagree with this point. One of the problems that I see with 
the "liberalization" of economies that have been forced upon every 
country in the world is that there is no liberalization of labor 
movement. It is crucial for the balance of a liberal system that not 
only capital and goods flow universaly but that labor follow it.

Let the workers move to where work is. The US won't let that happen 
because wages will drop enoumously, but hey! it's just what happens with 
the price beans when a country enters world markets, except is goes 
up...no one is complaining about that here.

The European empire has adopted this rule for the closest colonies.

> Something should be done about exhorbitant compensation of CEOs. I fear 
> government intervention, yet the CEO/lowest paid worker ratio is out of 
> control and I believe that weakens our social contract. Any ideas?

Agreed. Progressive income tax. Another good solution is increased 
liability proportional to salary because so many CEOs make so much money 
and leave the company broken.


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