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These are values, which means that we can
assert them until they are heard.

The budget was in surplus before the Bush tax
cuts which mostly benefited the rich and which
have not resulted in an economic boom.

I have heard that there are many corporations
which do not pay taxes, and many use off-shore
registrations to avoid them.  We can stop that.

China has been booming because American
companies have been moving factories there
to get cheap labor.  

It is widely believed that taking measures to 
defend our economy would cause a trade war.  
We are already in a trade war, and our trade 
deficit is proof of that.

The Great Depression of the 1930's was caused
by a reduction in the money supply, not by
trade measures.  

Spain provides basic health care to everyone
for about $700 per capita per year, whereas 
we spend more than $4,000 per year per capita 
and have 40+ million uninsured.

In the midwest, wind turbines are being
installed very quickly, and there are many
other possibilities.  The main thing is to stop
the active opposition which comes from
Bush oil cronies.

Steve Hovland

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These are excellent values, very conservative, and I can endorse the 
spirit behind them. I don't know how to achieve them because of 
structural challenges in our society.  I wish I could see a way. Any help?
Irony alert: I just posted the piece on how positive emotions make us 
intelligent, and yet I see these serious problems. I guess we should 
pass around some jokes and then brainstorm for solutions. BTW, Fast 
Company December issue: creativity is a function of positive emotions.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>The budget should be balanced.
That may require eliminating most of our entitlement programs unless we 
cripple the economy with taxes. Should social security be means-tested?

>Everyone person and organization that benefits from this nation should pay part of the cost of maintaining it.
I suppose so. Now the bottom rungs of society pay no tax, and in fact 
get many benefits. Most taxes come from the top earners. Perhaps even 
the bottom portions of our society should pay at least a nominal tax.

>We should export more than we import.
There is no way I can see that happening for at least 50 years. China 
will continue to dominate the world's economy until an equilibrium point 
is reached, I would suppose. How could we do it? Building barriers to 
imports would cause a catastrophic trade war, I believe. And bankrupt 
Wal-Mart! (good idea). 70% of walmart merchandise comes from china.

>Everyone is entitled to basic health care.
Well, entitled is a dangerous word. We should work to provide for those 
in need. YET . . . I fear government enforcing this excellent idea, 
since I work in health care, and government in health care is always a 
disaster. Bureaucrats suck the life out of society. Look at HIPAA - 
every doctor I know hates it.

>We must become less dependent on petroleum.
Total agreement. Bush is very short-sighted in this area. Yet, Clinton 
did nothing for eight years. We need private / public "Manhatten 
Projects" and they aren't happening.

>Steve Hovland
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Steve, I would add: We must control our borders. There is collusion 
between government and business / agricultural interests to make illegal 
immigration easy. Serious enforcement of immigration laws is not a 
reality. I think that is a disaster in the making.

Something should be done about exhorbitant compensation of CEOs. I fear 
government intervention, yet the CEO/lowest paid worker ratio is out of 
control and I believe that weakens our social contract. Any ideas?

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