[Paleopsych] science and politics

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 20:10:21 UTC 2005

>>What we're seeing is an extreme us-vs-them
mentality, where the businessmen now take this
us-vs-them mentality into politics. What THIS list
needs to do is not to be alarmed or to groan or to
argue one side or the other but to EXPLAIN the
widening polarity.<<

--If you look into PR companies and their techniques,
you'll see that a HUGE amount of money has been put
into rendering good environmental science in a dubious
light. There is just more money in denying reality
than in promoting it. The status quo, and whoever
benefits from it, is ALWAYS pushing science back,
because science by its very nature is progressive, it
takes new information into account and overrides the

Most people seem to believe what they see on TV, the
way they used to believe anything they saw in print.
Now, people don't read the papers, they watch
whichever TV station is biased in their direction,
while denouncing the other stations as biased. A
dangerous game, given the inability of any TV network
to focus deeply on issues, and the inevitable trend
toward sensationalism and ad hominem politics,
regardless of which way the bias leans. Whether it's
Fox or CNN, the issues are going to be rendered in
cartoonish terms with one side benefitting from
fallacies held by the public and unchallenged by the
anchors. And when attempts are made to show balance,
false facts are unquestioned and regarded simply as
"the other side of the story".


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