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Christian Rauh christian.rauh at uconn.edu
Fri Feb 25 15:00:22 UTC 2005

Tha't why I played role-playing games as a kid. No limits to creativity 
and not adults involved. ;-)


Michael Christopher wrote:
> Alice says:
>>>There was an interesting article somewhere--maybe 
> Frank sent it in?--about teenagers and the possiblity
> that what they were missing was 'religion' or
> 'spirituality' or a 'sense of purpose and meaning
> beyond them.'<<
> --I think that's true in a way. Unfortunately, the
> only alternatives kids can see are traditional
> religion, drugs or "boot camp" and team-oriented
> programs which tend to be too authoritarian to meet
> spiritual needs. What's needed is a place where kids
> can be creative, make music, play with multimedia.
> Something that involves teamwork without coercion,
> enables kids to develop a voice in the world and be
> heard. Our culture has become swamped with conformity
> and with knee-jerk rebelliousness (which has its own
> rules of conformity), neither of which enables kids to
> develop a genuine, individual creative voice. Most
> people, including adults, use romantic relationships
> as their next best outlet, which puts too much
> pressure on relationships. Spiritual blocks and
> creative blocks are basically the same problem:
> overediting, overfiltering and excessive worry or
> confusion about how messages are received. Give kids a
> place they can fully express their visions, where they
> aren't torn down for coloring outside the lines, and
> you'll change the culture for the better. The current
> trend toward greater structure and conformity won't
> work, although it may pave the way for more evolved
> forms of teamwork later on. Discipline isn't a bad
> thing, but when it's based on fear of disappointing a
> group or an authority, a compensating tendency toward
> individuality is inevitable.
> Michael
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