[Paleopsych] religious experiences

G. Reinhart-Waller waluk at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 28 19:26:49 UTC 2005

Michael writes:
> --I agree the "all are one" experience is one of the
> basic building blocks of spirituality. That leads me
> to ask this question: are Jihaadists, witch hunters
> and other "purifiers" reacting allergically to that
> sense that all are one? Perhaps a suicide bomber's
> final act is a simultanous denial and reinforcement 
> of
> the feeling of connectedness with what he hates. In
> death, he seeks purification, while mixing his blood
> with that of his victims in a most intimate way.

Jihaadists, witch hunters, and other purifiers are 
certainly acting according to what they perceive as an 
"all for one" experience except the task they wish to 
perform is offensive to those they wish to harm.  A 
thief may steal a loaf of bread to feed his family but 
at the same time this act of stealing is clearly 
against civil and religious law.  If one can examine an 
issue in the multi-faceted views it offers, one can 
conclude that all instances present both a harmful AND 
beneficial scenario.  It all depends upon which option 
you side with.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar

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