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Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 7 20:20:40 UTC 2005

I'm not sure that the right/left divide is
as serious as conservative media bias
would have us believe.  

I do think there is some value in fragmenting 
the body politic into many pieces so we can
reconstitute some major blocks that make
sense at this point in time.

We live in a strange world where beliefs have
more status than facts.  Can't get too much
crazier than that :-)

Steve Hovland

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>>Aside from the obvious issues of therapy... the 
real zinger question is as follows:  since we too are
human, and not born any better than these crazy
people, what is it that we are being equally crazy

--Always a good question (usually asked of the "other
side" but not one's own). I do see hysteria on both
the Left and the Right in the US, as well as
utopianism, political correctness and other blind
spots. It seems to be a product of the mass splitting
in half, each half projecting its own blindness onto
the other, its own dark side, its own self-importance
and arrogance. Those who can stand in the middle and
avoid fallacies on either side are few and far
between, although I'm sure we all have moments where
we reluctantly take one side for pragmatic reasons,
not entirely secure in adopting that side's total

Perhaps what is really missing is a systems theory
view of beliefs in general. One side can accuse the
other of being blind, without seeing how its own
position is increasingly determined by blind
opposition to the other.


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