[Paleopsych] Tom Coburn on abortion

Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D. ljohnson at solution-consulting.com
Sat Jan 15 14:25:14 UTC 2005

You are correct. I tried www.news.google.com (I use news.google because 
I want actual news stories and not internet rumors) and I found one 
story from Oklahoma (Fox news) where they reported that. I did find a 
lot of secondary sources with the term "death penalty" but only that one 
primary source. Ironically he did perform two abortions himself in his 
medical career:

I agree with you. His position is thoughtless. Such violent speech must 
be opposed. I am personally repelled by abortion, but the right way to 
deal with that is education and persuasion about better alternatives. 
Violence is never the way. I plan to write to him and ask him to 
moderate his views - using persuasion and reason again.

I was doubtful because his profession - physician - should have taught 
him to do no harm. But that is certainly no guarantee of reason.

Michael Christopher wrote:

>>>Michael, this is a questionable report. I just 
>did a Yahoo News search for the terms:
>Tom Coburn Oklahoma abortion capital punishment
>No returns.<<
>--Try Google (lots of matches). I'd give you a source,
>but you'd have to tell me which sources you'd trust
>first, so I don't waste my time only to hear "Well,
>that's a liberal source, so I don't trust it". I've
>learned to ask that question first, to avoid the
>typical response.
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