[Paleopsych] internet rumors vs. fox news

G. Reinhart-Waller waluk at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 17 20:28:02 UTC 2005

Reality is of our own making.  Truth is as relative as 
is the information collected on the internet.  Having 
access to a variety of sources is a key ingredient in 
becoming well informed but what is truth to one person 
is falsehood to another.  Truth also changes according 
to geographic locale and historic time.  Truth is 
delicate and is best expressed in the oratory of a 
wordsmith.  The power to convince is far greater than 
the truth.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller

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>I think it's safer to assume there are no objective
> sources, and that we are well-served by checking
> out a variety of sources, especially those we don't
> agree with.
> Steve Hovland
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