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This is from another list. I think some of the things here will be of 
great interest to Howard, though I can't vouch for their truth.


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Subject: [wta-talk] 1) science of harmonics 2) mind over matter do-U'r self
     experiments instructions

Science has many faces, here is an example of the type of universal
curiosity some great minds have displayed in simple concepts I really enjoy
at a visionary gut feeling, not having formal education in science but a
lot of hands on musical experiments relating to feed back and
harmonics/fractals and personal ingrained pitch ( we all play naturally at
very specific and individual speeds, vibrational levels that is, although
some of us are litterally on the same wave leangh and will naturally share
the exact pitch, rare though a fact ) if allowed to be ourselves of course.
Just try with a digital delay set for a particular person's natural tempo,
leave the setting on and invite the person weeks later to start playing a
rythm,  then after a couple of bars, start the digital delay, 9 times out
of ten the delay will be syncronised to the playing of that person without
any perceptible adjustment needed ; have also dabbled in the mayan calendar
based on harmonics and fractals and harmonic counting mathematical systems
( neither binary, quadranary nor decimal...but fractals...so further down
are some very interesting instructions to conduct mind over matter
experiments I am planning to try, expect a different jargon and
presentation but a lot of numbers and instructions, like in music some
teachers distill knowledge to its basics and most common denominators, I
would love feed back on this, I feel there is a lot more than meets the eye
in here, could harmonics hide the deepest secrets of
life/universe/multiverse? " cristallised photons and so forth "...
2. John Keely ~

Late in the 19th century, John E.W. Keely published 40 Laws of Harmony,
which served as the foundation for the Sympathetic Vibratory Physics he
discovered and developed. The following representation was cribbed from
Dale Pond's website, www.spvril.com :

(1) Law of Matter and Force ~"Coextensive and coeternal with space and
duration, there exists an infinite and unchangeable quantity of atomoles,
the base of all matter; these are in a state of constant vibratory motion,
infinite in extent, unchangeable in quantity, the initial of all forms of
(2) Law of Corporeal Vibrations ~"All coherent aggregates when isolated
from like bodies, or when immersed or confined in media composed of matter
in a different state, vibrate at a given ascertainable pitch."
(3) Law of Corporeal Oscillations ~ "All coherent aggregates not isolated
from like bodies, oscillate at a period-frequency varying with the tensions
that augment and diminish the state of equilibrium."

(4) Law of Harmonic Vibrations ~ "All coherent aggregates are perpetually
vibrating at a period-frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the
fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the
pitch of the atomole."

(5) Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy ~ "All oscillating and vibrating
coherent aggregates create, in the media in which they are immersed,
outwardly propagated concentric waves of alternate condensation and
rarefaction, having a period-frequency identical with the pitch of the

Scholium: All forms of transmissive energy can be focussed, reflected,
refracted, diffracted, transformed, and diminished in intensity inversely
as the square of the distance from the originating source."

(6) Law of Sympathetic Oscillation ~ "Coherent aggregates immersed in a
medium pulsating at their natural pitch simultaneously oscillate with the
same frequency, whether the pitch of the medium be a unison, or any
harmonic of the fundamental pitch of the creative aggregate."

(7) Law of Attraction ~"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison,
or harmonic ration, are mutually attracted."

(8) Law of Repulsion ~"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord
are mutually repelled."

(9) Law of Cycles  ~"Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute
centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not
multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions
between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their
unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from harmony is generated
discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation."

(10) Law of Harmonic Pitch ~"Any aggregate in a state of vibration develops
in addition to its fundamental pitch a series of vibration in symmetrical
sub-multiple portions of itself, bearing ratios of one, two, three, or more
times its fundamental pitch."

(11) Law of Force ~ "Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the
vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous
waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its
action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony."

(12) Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances ~ "Coherent atomic substances are
capable of oscillating at a pitch varying directly as the density, and
inversely as the linear dimensions from one period of frequency per unit of
time to the 21st octave above, producing the creative force of Sonity,
whose transmissive force (Sound) is propagated through the media of solids,
liquids, and gases, and whose static effect (Sonism) produces attractions
and repulsions between sympathetically vibrating bodies according to the
Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion."

(13) Law of Sono-Thermity ~ "Internal vibrations of atomic substances and
atomic molecules are capable of vibrating at a period-frequency directly as
their density, inversely as their linear dimensions, directly as the
coefficient of their tension from the 21st to the 42nd octaves, producing
the creative force (Sono-thermity), whose transmissive force (Sono-therm)
is propagated in solid, liquid, gaseous, and ultra-gaseous media,
statically producing adhesions and molecular unions, or disintegration,
according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion."

(14) Law of Oscillating Atoms ~ "All atoms when in a state of tension are
capable of oscillating at a pitch inversely as the cube of their atomic
weights, and directly as their tension from 42 to 63 octaves per second,
producing the creative forcce (Thermism), whose transmissive force
(Rad-energy) propagated in solid, liquid, and gaseous ether, produces the
static effects (Cohesion and Chemism) on other atoms of association, or
dissociation, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion.

Scholium: Dark radiant heat begins at absolute zero temperature, and
extends through light, chemical rays, actinic rays, and infra-violet rays,
up to the dissociation of all molecules to the 63rd octave."

(15) Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances ~ "Atoms are capable of vibrating
within themselves at a pitch inversely as the Dyne (the local coefficient
of Gravity), and as the atomic volume, directly as the atomic weight,
producing the creative force (Electricity), whose transmissive force is
propagated through atomolic solids, liquids, and gases, producing induction
and the static effect of magnetism upon other atoms of attraction or
repulsion, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion.

Scholium: The phenomenon of Dynamic Electricity through a metallic
conductor and of induction are identical. In a metallic conductor, the
transmission is from atom to atom, through homologous interstices, filled
with ether, presenting small areas in close proximity. In crystalline
structures, heat, which expands the atoms, by twisting them produces
striae, increases the resistance, etc. Between parallel wires and through
air the induction takes place from large areas through a rarefied medium
composed of a mixture of substances, whose atoms are separated by waves of
repulsion of various pitches, discordant to electric vibrations; the said
atoms sympathetically absorb the vibrations and dissipate from themselves,
as centers, concentric waves of electric energy which produces heat and

(16) Law of Oscillating Atomoles ~ "Atomoles oscillating at a uniform pitch
(determined by their uniform size and weight) produce the creative force
Atomolity, whose transmissive form, Gravism, is propagated through more
rarefied media, producing the static effect upon all other atomoles,
denominated Gravity."

(17) Law of Transformation of Forces ~ "All forces are different forms of
Universal Energy unlike in their period- frequency, merging into each other
by imperceptible increments; each form representing the compass of 21
octaves. Each form or pitch may be transformed into an equivalent quantity
of another pitch above or below it in the scale of 105 octaves. The
transformation can occur only through its static effect, developing
vibrations of harmonic pitches above or below their fundamental vibration,
or developing with juxtaposed aggregates, resultant and difference, or
third order, as the case may be.

Scholium: A table of the intervals and harmonics of the normal harmonic
scale will indicate the ratios in which the transformation of forces will

(18) Law of Atomic Pitch ~"Atoms have each a different and definite pitch,
at which they naturally vibrate.

Scholium: Atomic pitch is determined directly from its simple spectrum.

Scholium: Atomic pitch is determined by computations from its associate
spectrum with all other atoms, as in known spectra.

Scholium: Atomic pitches are more important working data than atomic
weights; tables of atomic pitches must be precise."

(19) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Rad-Energy ~  "The higher
harmonics and overtones of projected rad-energy are of a pitch sufficiently
high to cause the atom to expand; by causing the atomoles to vibrate
systematically the same influence will cause the atom to contract, and thus
by changing the volume, atomic pitch is varied."

(20) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Electricity and Magnetism ~
"Electricity and Magnetism produce internal vibrations in the atom, which
are followed by proportional changes in volume and, therefore, pitch."

(21) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Temperature ~ "Atoms in chemical
combination oscillate with increasing amplitude directly as the
temperature, and simultaneously absorb overtones of higher harmonics,
producing expansion of volume and diminution of pitch.

Rule: The gradual approach of the temperature of harmonic combination can
be observed by mutually comparing superimposed spectra; chemical
combination commences when the fundamental lines of each spectrum bear
harmonic ratios by linear measurement."

(22) Law of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation ~ "Atoms not isolated and in a
state of tension between forces that oppose and increase the equilibrium
oscillate bodily at a pitch that is a resultant of the atomic weight,
atomic volume, and tension."

(23) Law of Variation of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation by Pressure ~ "The
frequency of atomic oscillation increases and diminishes inversely as the
square of the pressure."

(24) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Temperature ~ "The force of
cohesion diminishes inversely as the square of the distance the atoms are
apart, and the force of the chemical affinity diminishes in the same ratio.
Heat increases the amplitude of the oscillations in a direct ratio to the
temperature of the natural scale.

Scholium: New thermometers and accurate thermometric tables, on the natural
base, wherein doubling the temperature doubles the pitch of the
transmissive energy, are required. Such a table of temperature will bear
natural relations to atomic weights, pitches, specific heats, chemical
affinities, fusions, solubilities, etc., and will disclose new laws. One
table for each must be constructed."

(25) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Electricity ~ "The electric
current destroys cohesion and chemical tension directly as square of
current in amperes, inversely as the resistance in ohms, inversely as the
chemical equivalent, and conversely as the coefficient of the difference
between the freezing and volatilizing temperature of mass acted upon."

(26) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Sono-Thermism ~ "Diminishes
the tensions directly as the quantity of heat developed, and in
antithetical proportion to the harmonics absolved."

(27) Law of Chemical Affinity ~ "Atoms whose atomic pitches are in either
unison, harmonic or concordant ratios, unite to form molecules.

Corollary: When two atoms are indifferent, they may be made to unite by
varying the pitch of either, or both.

Scholium: This necessitates the construction of tables, representing
variation of atomic pitches by temperature, pressure, etc.

Scholium: Tables of all harmonics and concords, and harmonics founded upon
a normal harmonic scale, are equally essential.

Scholium: Optical instruments may be made to measure pitches of energy."

(28) Law of Chemical Dissociation ~ "If the pitch of either atom, in a
molecule, be raised or lowered; or, if they both be unequally raised or
lowered in pitch until the mutual ratio be that of a discord; or, if the
oscillation amplitude be augmented by heat until the atoms are with the
concentric waves of attraction, - the atoms will separate."

(29) Law of Chemical Transposition ~ "New molecules must be harmonics of
the fundamental pitch."

(30) Law of Chemical Substitution ~ "(too complex for brief statement)"

(31) Law of Catalysis ~"The presence of harmonics and discords."

(32) Law of Molecular Synthesis and Combination (Organic) ~ "The molecular
pitch must be a derived harmony of the radicals.

Scholium: Reconstruction of electric units to represent pitches and

(33) Law of Chemical Morphology ~ "The angle of crystallization is
determined by the relation between the molecular pitch of the crystallizing
substance to the variation- density of the liquid depositing it."

(34) Law of Atomic Dissociation ~ "Overtones of high rad-energy pitches
produce separation of the atomoles and recombinations among the atomolic
molecules of the atoms."

(35) Law of Atomolic Synthesis of Chemical Elements ~ "Harmonic pitches of
atomolity produce association of etheric-atomolic particles to form atoms;
the kind of atom is determinable by the pitches employed."

(36) Law of Heat ~ "Atoms under the tension of chemical combination
oscillate with an amplitude directly as the temperature, inversely as the
pressure, and as the square of the specific heat. Diminishing the pitch of
oscillation inversely as the square of the distance of the atoms apart, and
simultaneously increasing the vibrating pitch of the atom by absorption of
overtones and higher harmonics."

(37) Law of Electro-Chemical Equivalents ~ "An atom vibrates
sympathetically under the influence of electric energy, such undertones of
which are absorbed as are a harmonic or harmony of the electric pitch; the
amount of energy absorbed being directly as the arithmetical ratio of the
undertone of the fundamental electric pitch.

Scholium: A table of electro-chemical equivalents on the normal basis will
indicate the electrical conditions and amount of chemical change."

(38) Law of Cohesion ~"The cohesion between atoms diminishes directly as
the square root of the pressure and temperature, and as the square of
electric intensity."

(39) Law of Refractive Indices ~ "A table of the refractive indices of
substances indicates their molecular pitch; and in connection with
crystalline form the phase of molecular oscillation."

(40) Law of Electric Conductivity ~ "Electric energy is transmitted through
homogeneous bodies with a completeness in direct proportion as the atoms
are more or less perfect harmonics of the electric pitch, but not at all
through substances whose atoms are discordant to the electric pitch; also
through molecular substances, when their resultant notes are harmonics of
the electric pitch, - the transmissions being inversely as the temperature,
directly as the density diminished in proportion to the amount of
crystallization, and inversely as the cube of the dyne, also directly as
the reciprocal of the local magnetic intensity."(12)

The phenomena of Cymatics, the wave phenomena, vibrational effects, and
harmonic oscillations revealed by the Chaldni plate, etc., was researched
by Hans Jenny in the 1960s. He demonstrated the basic unified triadic
phenomenon of vibrational, kinetic and dynamic effects in acoustic
interactions with matter. The triadic phenomenon occurs in many other
fields (biology, mineralogy, astronomy, atomic physics, etc) and is a
skeleton key that unlocks many gates of knowledge. Certainly it aids in
understanding and practicing quabbalistic transmutation, and pertains to
the work of John Keely and Dr Stephen Emmens. For example: the sacred word
"Om" forms the Sri Yantra geometry when spoken into a Chaldni plate or
Tonoscope! (6)

It should be noted that Franz Tausend, who made gold from mercury for the
Nazis, developed a circular periodic table of the elements with Pythagorean
musical correlations, based on his understanding of atoms.

Sacred geometry is another rewarding area of study for alchemists. The phi
ratio (5/8, 0.618, &c) enables the alchemist to impregnate and enliven
matter with cosmic energies in a simple manner. For example, a model of the
Great Pyramid (incorporating phi in its base angle of 51o 51') will exert
phenomenal effects on substances placed within it (i.e., mummification,
sharpening dull razor blades, enhanced germination of seeds, &c).


3. Abiogenesis & Astrochemy ~

Charles Littlefield ~

At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr Charles W. Littlefield
experimented with the effects of mental concentration (visualization and
prayer) on the crystallization of tissue salt solutions. He was able to
produce many microscopic images of life forms, alphabets, structures, etc,
some of which he published in his book Man, Minerals and Masters. Dr
Littlefield conducted long series of experiments with vitalized mineral
salts. The vitalizations were accomplished by repeated evaporations.
Littlefield offered these guidelines for experimentation:

"The number of evaporations necessary to effect this [radiate structure]
with each salt, is generally one evaporation for each tenth part of the
molecular weight or fraction thereof as shown by the following table:

Salt:                Molecular weight:      Number of Evaporations:

Na-Chloride                 58.37                           6
Si-Oxide                      60.22                           7
K-Chloride                   74.2                             8
Ca-Fluoride                  78                                8
Ca-Sulfate                    135.73                         14
K-Phosphate                174                              18
K-Sulfate                     174                              18
Mg-Phosphate              246                              25
Fe-Phosphate               301.36                         31
Ca-Phosphate              309.33                         31
Na-Sulfate                    321.42                         33
Na-Phosphate              357.32                         36

"Another interesting and important fact with this process of vitalization
is, those salts that are otherwise insoluble in water are by the
evaporation of water rendered soluble. This is a most valuable discovery
from the standpoint of treating disease, as all the mineral salts must be
dissolved in the blood before they are available to the tissue cells as food.

"I began my experiments by attempting mind control of one or more of these
salts dissolved in distilled water. First, a drop of the mineral solution
was put on the glass slide of my microscope, then placed in a temperature
nearly that of the human body. As the water dried away, I would repeat the
[unspecified Biblical] verse referred to above, the mystic three times.

"While doing this I would image, or mentally picture, the form of some fowl
or animal as the victim of the bleeding. Finally, I succeeded in making the
crystals of common table salt, which is the most abundant salt in the
blood, group themselves in the form of a chicken.

"Long before I succeeded, there built up from the mineral solutions a great
variety of microscopic organisms in the shape of octupi, fish, and
reptiles. I do not know why.

"Continued experiments demonstrated that forms of different kinds could be
predetermined by the proportion, number, and kind of salts used. Thus I
discovered that mineral composition is the law of living forms... These
laws may be stated as follows:

"1. A mental image is the beginning of every created thing. With whatever
functions, faculties or qualities this image may be endowed by the mind
creating it, the same will be expressed by the creature.

"2. This mental image has the power to group the twelve mineral salts
normally found in organic nature, in the exact proportion necessary to
build the form, and all the tissues and organs necessary to express all the
functions, faculties and qualities which the mind image may be endowed.
Hence composition becomes the law of form and function.

"3. Evaporation of water, a process universal on sea and land, generates a
subtle magnetism which is the vital force of plants and animals. This force
saturates the mineral salts of organic nature making them susceptible to
mental control, so that any picture that the mind accepts as true in
principle may be fixed in them...

"Procure twelve one-ounce bottles with fresh, clean corks. Label each
bottle with the name of the salt it is to contain. Into each bottle put
about 10 grains of one of the salts and fill with pure distilled water.
Shake frequently. Not all the salts are equally soluble, some in large
amounts and others only slightly.

>From time to time remove a drop of any one of the solutions with a clean
toothpick to the glass slide of the microscope. Heat the slide carefully
until the water is evaporated. Then examine the crystal formed from the
salt. Do this with each of the twelve salts until you become familiar with
their forms and differences. Then combine one or more of the solutions in a
clean bottle. Place a drop of this on the glass slide, then evaporate and
examine. It will be seen by these experiments that the slightest difference
in the amounts of each solution will make the widest possible difference in
the resulting crystals...

"In my own experiments I use sulfate of potash and sulfate of soda, one
part of the potash to ten parts of the soda. When this combination forms
crystals like the letters C, D, or O, then the solution of these salts is
susceptible to mental mastery by my mind...

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