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Pathways to Philosophy/ International Society for Philosophers

[No URL supplied, but perhaps it was an e-mail. I got this on December 18 
last year. I'm still clearing off the deck of messages I stored between 
abanonding reality on October 28, when I turned 60 and January 1, where I 
started resuming my postings anyhow.]

Dear Colleague,


Launched in 1995, Pathways is the world leading distance learning
philosophy program with students in over 40 countries. The Pathways web
sites cover 9 domains and run to 3000+ pages and over 2 million words
- the work of philosophy teachers, students and enthusiasts around the

Although based at Sheffield University, Pathways is run independently
and receives no grant funding from any other institution. Despite this,
we have been able to offer an increasing number of scholarships to
deserving students. We are also the leading provider of tuition for the
long established University of London External Programme leading to the
BA (Hons) in Philosophy.

In 2002, the International Society of Philosophers was formed to promote
the benefits of philosophy world wide, as well as overseeing the
Pathways programs and awards. There are now over 800 ISFP members in 65

We publish two highly respected electronic journals aimed at a general
readership, 'Philosophy Pathways' (current issue 96) and 'Philosophy for
Business' (current issue 14).

Launched in 1999, the Pathways 'Ask a Philosopher' service has
accumulated over a million words of answers from our expert panel of
philosophy teachers and graduates.

Below you will find a list of all the main Pathways pages.

This letter is a general call to philosophers world wide to join in this
exciting enterprise. Membership of the ISFP is free and open to all. We
are also looking for:

      * New members to join the Board of the ISFP
      * Mentors for the Pathways programs
      * Contributors for Ask a Philosopher
      * Articles for Philosophy Pathways
      * Articles for Philosophy for Business
      * Reciprocal links to the Pathways web sites

If you know of anybody who would be interested in the work of Pathways
and the ISFP please forward this email to them. I apologize for the
length of this email!

I hope that you have a happy and productive New Year!

All the best,

Geoffrey Klempner
Director of Studies



Pathways to Philosophy

Main page for the Pathways to Philosophy distance learning program, with
study guide, downloadable e-texts and student essay archive.


PhiloSophos Knowledge Base

Resources and advice for philosophy students including feature articles,
searchable archive of over a million words of questions and answers and
specialist search engines.


International Society for Philosophers

Launched in April 2002, the aim of the ISFP is to bring together
students and teachers of philosophy and amateur philosophers from all
over the world.


Ask a Philosopher

Submit your philosophy question to a panel of graduate philosophers and
teachers. A new page of questions and answers is posted every two weeks.


Philosophy Pathways e-journal

E-journal with articles on a wide range of topics from metaphysics to
political philosophy together with reports on the activities of
philosophical societies around the world.


Philosophy for Business e-journal

E-journal aimed at amateur and professional philosophers as well as
business people, with articles looking at philosophical and ethical
aspects of business practice.


The Ten Big Questions

Questions and answers on the interface of science, ethics and
philosophy, including time travel, artificial intelligence, creation vs
evolution and big bang theory.


The Possible World Machine

Illustrated science fiction stories introducing the central questions of
philosophy taken from the Pathways Introduction to Philosophy program.


The Glass House Philosopher

Home page and web log of philosopher Geoffrey Klempner, including
Klempner's online philosophical note books August 1999 - May 2002 and
February 2004 - present.


Wood Paths

Articles on self, time, ethics and teaching philosophy by Geoffrey
Klempner, Director of Studies of the International Society for



Pathways Philosophy and Distance Learning Links

Democratic arrangement of philosophy and distance learning sites linked
to Pathways, with mega-sites listed alongside personal home pages.


Pathways Top Ten Philosophy Sites

Nominate your favourite philosophy web site or the philosophy site you
enjoyed visiting most this week. If your nomination is accepted it will
will be added to the head of this list.


Philosophy of A-Z

A selection of links to interesting and unusual philosophy pages on the
web, dedicated to the proposition that everything under the sun is a
subject matter for philosophy.

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