[Paleopsych] icons and racial tension

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Finding a racially balanced jury in Santa Barbara
may be a little difficult :-)

Steve Hovland

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>>"I think that black people, regardless of whether or
not he's innocent, feel the need to defend him because
of the fact that he's a high profile African-American
entertainer that's being attacked with such
vehemence," said the writer, drawing parallels with
O.J. Simpson who was perceived as having distanced
himself from the African-American community until he
found himself on trial for murder.<<

--That's a tough one... if an icon is deeply planted
in the imagination of a group, any attack on the icon,
even a justified attack, is felt by the group as an
assault on its identity. If MJ is convicted by a white
jury, it could result in a lot of hurt feelings and
racial tension. It would be the equivalent of
convicting George W. Bush of treason, which would be
felt as an assault by the right wing Christian

Especially disturbing given the recent accusations
against Bill Cosby. Regardless of the guilt or
innocence of the icon, the communities most identified
with the entertainer may feel such accusations as a
deep and personal wound. A racially balanced jury for
the MJ case would be a very, very good idea.


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