[Paleopsych] Bob Whitaker: Benjamin Franklin c/o Time Warp Mail Service

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Sat Jul 30 15:26:08 UTC 2005

Benjamin Franklin c/o Time Warp Mail Service
Bob's Blog - WhitakerOnline.org » 7/30/05 Insider Letter

    Dear Mr. Franklin,

    You are facing extremely serious legal problems.

    1) Your invention of bifocal lens.

    You have no qualifications whatsoever in the fields of optometry or
    ophthalmology. You are ordered to cease and desist from the use or
    discussion of this product.

    Lawsuits have been lodged against you by people whose bifocals have
    broken and gashed their skins. Others say that they confuse the eyes
    and cause double vision.

    2) Your invention of the stove

    Your Franklin Stove has caused serious injury to a very large number
    of people. Children playing have bumped into it and been burned by it.
    You have no Federally-approve set of directions for its use, so you
    are personally responsible for every accident that occurs in using
    your product.

    3) Your discovery of the Gulf Stream

    As with optometry in the case of your invention of bifocals, you are
    practicing meteorology with no degree or other qualifications in the

    While no one has yet been able to formulate an actual lawsuit against
    you on this subject, you have made a laughing-stock of yourself by
    going outside the field of printing, where you do have some actual

    You are in deep trouble in other areas.

    Your comments about Quakers, Indians and other minority groups were
    definitely Hate Speech.

    You are charged with manslaughter and armed robbery in aiding and
    abetting in the robbery of America from the Native Americans.

    Other charges are pending.

    Yours Indignantly,

    The Association of Experts, Lawyers, Professors and Other Authorities
    in the Year 2005

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