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I think we need to do 3 things to reduce terrorism:

Decapitation: take out the leadership.

Uprooting: work on the real grievances of the people

Noise reduction: shut down the religious schools, or
at least change their curiculum.

Steve Hovland

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A trial by jury of his peers likely will not work.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller

Steve Hovland wrote:

>First, we need to kill Osama.
>Steve Hovland
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>Christian--You have a point.  Islam was conceived as a global,  boundariless 
>religion.  That conception was first born in 624 AD when  Allah granted 
>Mohammed the right to Jihad.  It expanded in 629, when  Mohammed sent letters to the 
>six rulers of the empires of the world that he  knew inviting these emperors 
>to Islam and implying that if they didn't  accept the invitation, Allah and 
>his forces on earth, the Moslems, would be  forced to destroy them.  Its message 
>was emphasized in 632 AD when  Mohammed, on his deathbed, ordered an attack 
>on the Byzantine Empire.
>This attack, by the way, was just one of many.  In ten years Mohammed  
>commanded 65 military campaigns, campaigns of conquest that brought the entire  Arab 
>Peninsula to Islam.  Mohammed fought in 27 of those campaigns  himself, 
>slicing and killing other humans.  Which is why he is called a  prophet of the 
>sword.  And why it is said in the Koran that paradise can  only be achieved "in 
>the shadow of swords".
>But the fact remains that this is a rapidly globalizing world, a world that  
>cries out both for and against a central order.  Mohammed invented the  creed 
>for such an order, and the world of Islam has refined it during 1,290  years 
>of operation under a central caliphate.  Now men like Osama want to  revive 
>that "new world order", that global caliphate.  As many of Osama's  supporters 
>and predecessors have said, the time is ripe for such a thing.  
>I hope that we Westerners offer a more appealing alternative.   Howard
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>Some  argue that the great achievements of the Arab world were really  
>pre-islamic and that islam put a break on innovation which was center to  
>middle eastern culture before it. Things still were good for a while but  
>that was only some inertia from the old times as it took centuries to  
>change things in those days. Islamic religion changed the  
>characteristics of that culture (or culture groups) from decentralized  
>and autonomous to centralized and controlled. The first seemed to be a  
>better option for progress. What is striking to me is that the US seems  
>to be going the same way - in a counter-"terrorist" movement with  
>islamic roots, this country is absorbing the worst features of its  "enemy".
>As a disclaimer, I know little about Islam, the above is from  what I've 
>heard. Anyone with better knowledge should point erros and  elucidate.
>Howard Bloom
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