[Paleopsych] Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics

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Tue Jun 7 02:27:09 UTC 2005

  by  William A Tiller (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University), Walter 
Dibble Jr., Michael Kohane	

This book is an "eye-opener" for both non-scientists and scientists, 
metaphysicians and physicians, students and teachers and all people with a 
real interest in how science moves our world. It concerns unactualized 
human capabilities, opportunities and adventures for all of us in the years 
ahead.  For the first time, a rigorous experimental protocol is available 
to allow human qualities to meaningfully alter the properties of physical 
materials via specific human intentions!  The experimental data portion of 
this book shows, via the use of IIEDs (Intention Imprinted Electrical 
Devices), how human intention can robustly influence physical reality with 
measurement amplitude changes by as much as 100 times the instrument 
measurement accuracy.  The described experiments deal with inorganic 
materials like water, in vitro organic materials like enzymes and in vitro 
living systems like fruit fly larvae.  This experimental data shows how 
after ~3 months of continued use of the IIEDs in a particular laboratory 
space, that space becomes "conditioned" to a higher state of physics Gauge 
symmetry than present in normal locales.  In a "conditioned" space, human 
intention acts as a true thermodynamic potential to significantly influence 
the many chemical, electrical and biological processes of nature.  This 
book also provides a "work in progress" - type of theoretical model that 
allows us to explain how this experimental procedure works to produce such 
striking changes in measurement amplitudes.	


"This book by Tiller, Dibble and Kohane is at once a 'magnum opus' and a 
'tour de force'. The 'whole person healing' community will be in deep debt 
to these authors for many years." XXXX- Professor Rustum Roy (Director, 
Materials Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University) "?Tiller 
makes a claim that would not only revolutionize medicine but our perception 
and approach to all reality. If there are prophets in our extraordinary 
times he is likely one of them. His claim is a bold one indeed: human 
consciousness contributes to the creation and direction of the universe." 
XXXX- Wayne Jonas, M.D. (Former Director of both the Office of Alternative 
medicine at the National Institutes of Health and the Medical Research 
Fellowship at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; currently founding 
Director of the Samueli Institute)  "Your (Tiller's) new book, I am sure, 
may long be remembered as the book that started out the scientific work in 
a new area and thus created a new era in science." XXXX- Professor George 
Sudarshan (Physics Department, University of Texas, Austin)  "?this book 
combines a brilliant theoretical model with several experiments that test 
and convincingly demonstrate mechanisms for intention to influence physical 
reality?  Conscious Acts of Creation will take the reader beyond the realm 
of the five senses and expand one's view of himself or herself as a 
co-creator of reality. It is for this reason that this book is recommended 
not only for scientists, engineers, and health care practitioners?but also 
for everyone who seeks to maximize his or her human experience." XXXX- Dave 
Stein, reviewer. "The Center for Frontier Sciences"  " This reviewer 
suggests that this book is destined to be a classic that may someday rank 
with the early publications on the theory of relativity." XXXX- Hal Fox, 
editor. "Journal of New Energy" 	

Science and Human Transformation:   Subtle Energies, Intentionality and 
Consciousness  by  William A Tiller, PhD.  Excerpts from "Science and Human 
Transformation" <science.html> Description of "Science and Human 
Transformation" <sciencereview.html> "Reviews"	

Tiller has written a very special story about becoming! I know that anyone 
who is exposed to this book in any depth will come away with a different 
mindset, one that will provide tremendous enthusiasm for life and just how 
to use this new understanding to develop a more effective set of values and 
attitudes. XXXX- Jack Holland, PhD., D.S.D.  "This book sets in motion a 
profound and satisfying new paradigm for medicine and medical science for 
the coming centuries. It integrates a multitude of previously disconnected 
pieces of the human health puzzle into an internally self-consistent 
framework for understanding both physical nature and the solid foundation 
upon which to build." XXXX- C. Normal Shealy, M.D.  "The wondrous but clear 
evidence cogently presented in this book is extremely compelling, and 
Tiller's insights and logical envisionings are equally compelling. Science 
and Human Transformation is one of the most important bridges into the 
advancing sciences of the next century, and many will walk across it." 
XXXX- Ingo Swann   "This book postulates a model for the structure of the 
physical and non-physical Universe. In terms of this model, it addresses 
longstanding issues in physics, parapsychology, homeopathy, magnetic 
healing, and related disciplines?from physics to biochemistry, from dowsing 
to QiGong, from acupuncture to remote viewing, from radionics to Feng Shui, 
from Chi flow to chakras, from manifestation to Consciousness itself. The 
myriad of topics?make this book essential reading for scientists, 
practitioners of the healing and subtle energy arts, and people consciously 
committed to a spiritual growth path?" XXXX- Dave Stein, "Frontier 
Perspectives"  "It is a brilliant work in the tradition of such other great 
works of synthesis as Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum?Tiller, a leading 
scientist, now retired, taught and studied the structure of matter at 
Stanford?presents us with no less than his grand unified Theory of 
Everything. Unlike most other Theories of Everything?Dr. Tiller actually 
delivers the goods." XXXX-David Joffee, "ISSSEEM Magazine"	

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