[Paleopsych] Misdiagnosed, woman dies from chemotherapy

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 11 16:21:07 UTC 2005

Fort Lauderdale jury awards $8 million in malpractice suit
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A jury awarded $8 million to the husband of a woman 
who died after chemotherapy that wasn't necessary, lawyers said Thursday.
The jury ruled against Coral Springs Medical Center, University Hospital in 
Tamarac and two doctors. Pending expected appeals, they will each have to 
pay Charles Pandrea of Coconut Creek a percentage of the award, said 
Pandrea's Attorney Michael Ryan.
A private autopsy showed Janet Pandrea did not have the cancer she was 
treated for, Ryan said.
Ryan said Pandrea had a benign tumor in one lung, which could have been 
operated on. He said she developed side effects from her chemotherapy that 
ultimately led to her death.
"Mr. Pandrea had no idea why she died ... What he found was that she never 
had cancer," Ryan said.
The lawyers for the defendants and University Hospital did not immediately 
return phone calls for comment. But the North Broward Hospital District, 
which governs the Coral Springs hospital, said in a statement that an 
investigation was conducted and an employee "acknowledged his 
"We believe it was this honest and forthright admission that resulted in 
the verdict returned by the jury," said the statement. "We acknowledge the 
tragedy befalling the Pandrea family and our thoughts remain with them."
The jury found that oncologist Abraham Rosenberg must pay 50 percent of the 
money, Martin Stone, the Pandrea family doctor must pay 12 percent, Coral 
Springs Medical Center 10 percent, and University Hospital must pay 28 
percent, Ryan said.
Ryan said Janet Pandrea was hospitalized for breathing problems connected 
to the chemotherapy. At University Hospital, Stone allegedly misdiagnosed 
stomach ulcers and she was operated on.
Pandrea died of severe infection after the operation, Ryan said.

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