[Paleopsych] Video Going Wild

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 16 02:34:08 UTC 2005

Within a few hours after the conclusion of
John Conyers' Downing Street hearings,
video of the event will be widely available
on the Internet.

As more people see the video, a consensus
will begin to develop about the meaning of it.

The "mainstream" media have put on an
amazing display of disregard for this
history-quality document.  But we know
that they have been threatened and bribed.

Fortunately, a lot of us get our information
from a lot of places outside the controlled

As individuals, and more importantly, as
an intelligent mass organism, we have been
doing our own intelligence gathering and

I think we are converging on a solution 
very quickly.

Steve Hovland

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