[Paleopsych] Winners and Losers in Globalization

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The book's publication date has been pushed back from June 15 to October 7, 
except the US, where it's being held till November 25. I very much look forward 
to getting the book.

Winners and Losers in Globalization
By: Guillermo de la Dehesa, Centre for Economic Policy Research

Seeking reason in the impassioned globalization debate, de la Dehesa examines 
who stands to win and who stands to lose from the process of globalization, in 
a style accessible to readers unfamiliar with economic theory.

Objectively and dispassionately illuminates the emotionally charged 
globalization debate;
Acknowledges that the costs and benefits of globalization will not be 
distributed evenly;
Details the economic effects of globalization on individuals, governments, 
nation-states and business;
Assesses the impact of globalization on both labor markets and financial 
markets, on global economic growth and on income distribution and real 
convergence between different national economies.


Foreword (by Paul Krugman)
1. What is globalization?
2. Globalization and economic growth
3. Globalization, real convergence and income distribution
4. Globalization, employment and labour markets
5. Globalization and the size of firms
6. Globalization, state and government
7. Globalization and economic policy
8. Globalization and exchange rates
9. Globalization and financial crises
10.Globalization and culture
11.Who wins and who loses with globalization?

Guillermo de la Dehesa is the Chairman of the Centre for Economic Policy 
Research in London. He spent twenty years in various Spanish governmental 
positions from the late 1960s through the 1980s. Since leaving the public 
sector he has held a number of Chairman and Chief Executive positions in the 
private sector; he is currently Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs Europe, 
Independent Director of the Santander Banking Group, and Chairman of the Aviva 
Corporation, among others. He is a member of the "Group of Thirty", a 
nonprofit, independent consultative group which counts luminaries such as 
Mervyn King (Governor at the Bank of England), Lawrence Summers (President of 
Harvard), and Paul Krugman among its ranks.

"I don’t expect this book to settle the debates over globalization: there is 
too much real uncertainty about the issue, and anyway there are too many people 
firmly committed to their views to be shaken by any argument or evidence. But 
perhaps Mr. De la Dehesa’s excellent book can lower the temperature and give us 
all a better sense of what this new global economy is really all about." -Paul 
Krugman, from the Foreword to Winners and Losers in Globalization.

“Globalization is a subject that stirs uncommonly strong emotions [and] those 
who try to make sense of it are often challenged on their credentials. But once 
in a while you get someone like Guillermo de la Dehesa – that is, someone whose 
knowledge and experience crosses the usual boundaries, who cannot be impeached 
on the usual grounds. In other words, he is someone whose motives you can 
trust, and whose breadth of knowledge and experience are rare in this or any 
other area.” -Paul Krugman, from the Foreword to Winners and Losers in 

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Pages: 232

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