[Paleopsych] misperceiving cues

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 24 02:40:25 UTC 2005

>>"Men are more likely than women to attribute a 
woman's friendliness to mild sexual interest. This
misreading of warmth as a sexual come-on (called
misattribution) can contribute to behavior that women
(especially American women) regard as sexual
harassment or rape...Men more often than women think
about sex.<<

--There really ought to be more focus on how people
misperceive cues by others. In addition to ubiquitous
misreading of signals across gender lines, there is a
lot of misreading of signals in arguments and
conflicts. People who interpret criticism as an attack
are more likely to fall into the shame-rage spiral and
become violent. It might be a lot easier to teach
criminals to interrupt the steps of the spiral than to
expect them to learn from punishment weeks or months
after an assault has been committed. It would also be
helpful in negotiations between highly emotional
parties in politics. 


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