[Paleopsych] World language change

Christian Rauh christian.rauh at uconn.edu
Tue Mar 15 02:56:34 UTC 2005

No world cop.


G. Reinhart-Waller wrote:
> This is of interest.  If US is not world cop, then who would you like it
> to be?  The Russians, Chinese, one of the South American
> dictatorships....moving forward takes a country willing to gamble at
> playing the role of policeman in maintaining peace.  That is US.....not
> because it is better at it but because no one else wants the role.
> The only allies we have in Iraq are the Iraqi people who are interested
> in Democracy.  That's good enough for me.
> Gerry
> Steve Hovland wrote:
>> When the US can no longer afford the pretense
>> of being the world cop, we may move more toward
>> group security.
>> As far as help in Iraq, we have fewer and fewer
>> allies.  Most of the world is horrified by what we
>> are doing, no matter how we try to pretty it up
>> with blather about democracy.
>> Steve Hovland
>> www.stevehovland.net
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