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IEEE-USA supports passage of federal legislation empowering the Federal 
Energy Regulatory Commission to create a self-regulating reliability 
organization, the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) with authority to 
set and enforce mandatory standards for reliability of the North American 
electric system.
At present, the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) develops 
standards, guidelines, and criteria for assuring transmission system 
security and reliability. Electric company compliance with NERC standards, 
is voluntary and is not subject to government oversight.
IEEE-USA also supports federal R&D investments in electric transmission and 
distribution related to improving the capacity and reliability of the 
electric grid.
IEEE-USA Position Statements
Electric Power Reliability Organization <../../positions/reliability.html> 
(Nov. 2002)
IEEE-USA Press Releases

Broad Coalition of Energy Organizations UrgesRestoration of Support for 
Research on Electric Transmission, Distribution to ImproveReliability, 
Prevent Future Blackouts 
<../../../communications/releases/2004/021904pr.html> (19 Feb. 2004)
IEEE-USA Recommends Electric Grid Investment, Cooperation and Coordination 
to Improve Reliabilityand Prevent Future Blackouts 
<../../../communications/releases/2003/092403pr.html> (24 Sept. 2003)
IEEE-USA's Call for Reliability Legislation Underscored by Largest U.S. 
Power Outage <../../../communications/releases/2003/081503pr.html> (15 
August 2003)

Steve Hovland

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In case anyone really cares whether the situation in the Mideast
becomes nonsustainable over the next 20-30 years, or even such a small
things as whether the Arctic Ice Cap
doubles or nothing... see...


But we were told that drug use in baseball is far more important to humans
than whether they survive or
not. Yo ho ho.

Something... but we need more than something.

Best of luck to us all,

    Paul W.

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