[Paleopsych] What is fascism?

Paul J. Werbos, Dr. paul.werbos at verizon.net
Sun Mar 20 13:09:48 UTC 2005

Fascism is a word.

Pondering over the true definition of a word tends to be
one of the most effective ways to waste time known to
the universe. Of course, that's a very familiar ancient
problem in philosophy -- the motivation for guys like
Ayers to invent the common language or "Anglo-American"
school of philosophy. That school has had its own excesses,
but their starting point is worth remembering.

So perhaps instead one might ask:"What is fascism that
we should care an iota about its definition?" Instead
of asking "what is fascism?" we might try to formulate
a question that actually has some kind of meaning.

For example, as a small step...  one might ask
"What are the distinguishing characteristics of nations
that cause extreme unhappiness to their people? Of states
which are unlikely to grow into more happiness? Of states which
are poised to drop into the toilet?"

And one might ask what the empirical evidence is to
support any purported answers.

But then again, maybe if we really were rational we would
notice that our prospects of falling down the tubes right here
are quite large... and might even pay some minor attention to
preventing that.

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