[Paleopsych] religious hypocrisy

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 22:41:53 UTC 2005

Stephen says:
>>Morality that feels compassion for every being 
for which life is a struggle is a very different kind
of morality to the utilitarian morality grounded in
the greatest happiness principle, or the morality of
evangelists imposed by decree by an unforgiving

--Very true. Fundamentalism seems to disable empathy,
by conferring the status of the Other onto heretical
groups. It's one thing to forgive your enemies,
another if you think their refusal to accept your
religion means they are unrepentant and undeserving of

Christianity pays lip service to the idea that anyone,
however fallen, can be saved and reborn as a "new
creature in Christ". A rather beautiful belief, in my
opinion, one which is utterly ignored when the subject
of the death penalty comes up. I've heard politically
active Christians who have no problem agitating
against gay marriage say "Yes, Christ forgives a
murderer who repents, but the state has the right to
take life for life and we are to respect the state."
Responsibility is passed to the state. How convenient!
I like to make a hand-washing motion when I hear that

Empathy, plus a systems view of society, seem to make
up a pretty decent moral code, but a fundamentalist
trusts only those who share his belief and cannot
extend empathy much further. When empathy speaks, it
must be compartmentalized and kept apart from belief.
This makes it easy for authoritarian religious groups
to treat "infidels" as objects rather than human


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