[Paleopsych] Auster: Gov. Bush must act, despite the courts

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This shows the zeal of a convert from Judaism to Christianity. Aside from 
the death threats, which I have only read about, this is the most extreme 
statement I've seen on the net.

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Subject: Gov. Bush must act, despite the courts

Gov. Bush must act, despite the courts

by Lawrence Auster at View from the Right, "the right blog for the right"

As explained by William Bennett and Brian Kennedy writing at NRO, the 
Florida legislature in 2003 passed a law favored by Gov. Bush that would 
save Terri Schiavo's life. The Florida Supreme Court then declared the law 
unconstitutional, a holding with which the governor disagrees. Everybody 
assumes that that's the end of the matter, that we are under a rule of 
judges. But we are not. The executive has the same right and duty to judge 
the constitutionality of a law that the courts have. It is only modern 
liberalism, which worships courts because they pushed through liberal 
agendas by usurping the power of legislatures, that has convinced us 
otherwise. As the chief executive of Florida, Bush is charged with 
protecting the rights and lives of the people. If a wayward court is 
destroying an innocent person's life, it is the governor's duty to act to 
save that person's life. He should therefore exercise his police powers 
and order Terri's feeding tube reconnected. If the people of Florida think 
that he acted illegally, they can seek his impeachment through the 
legislature. That's the way it ought to happen under a republican form of 
government. What should not happen is this disgusting spectacle of all of 
us sitting around like slaves while an innocent women is starved and 
dehydrated to death.

I urge readers to call or e-mail Gov. Bush and urge him to take action to 
stop this atrocity. I'm going to do so myself. Here is contact 

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 25, 2005 01:53 PM | Comment |

Yet another Holy Week atrocity
by Lawrence Auster at View from the Right, "the right blog for the right"

For the second time in five years, government entities in this country are 
with brute force victimizing an innocent person during Holy Week, the week 
of Christ's Passion. The last time it was the Clinton administration's 
seizure of Elian Gonzales, of which I wrote at NewsMax:

   This country, which makes such a show of supporting the oppressed 
against the oppressors, treats [Elian's] Miami relatives in their modest 
bungalow home--these people who have nothing to stand on but their 
humanity and their sense of what is right--with contempt.
   This country, which gobbles up one Hollywood thriller after another in 
which people who fight against authority for a cause they believe in are 
regarded as heroes, regards the good Marisleysis as a joke and the heroic 
Lazaro as a lowlife.
   How dead are the souls of the millions of Americans who, far from 
sympathizing with these good people, agree with those who callously mock 
and dismiss them.
   How dead are their souls that they can't understand that a person who 
has saved a child's life [Donato Dalrymple] feels forever a special bond 
and obligation to the one he saved. How contemptuous are they to a man who 
did nothing but good, a "fisher of men" who rescued a lost soul from the 
wide ocean.
   Most of all, how lost are they that they cannot see the symbolic evil of 
what the Clinton government is doing with their support--grabbing at gun 
point from the man who saved him the boy he miraculously saved, seizing 
him from his surrogate mother, whom he called "Mari," seizing him through 
the despicable ruse of negotiations, seizing him in the early morning 
hours of Holy Saturday for fear of acting in broad daylight before the 
eyes of the people. If the feds had done their deed just 24 hours earlier, 
in the early morning hours of Good Friday, the parallel with the arrest of 
Jesus would have been complete. And now it is Holy Thursday five years 
later, Holy Thursday, when Jesus bade his disciples to eat of his body and 
drink of his blood, in which is remission of sins and eternal life, and 
this country, with the apparent acquiescence and even the active, 
emotional support of a majority of the people (just as with Elian), is 
withholding food and water from an innocent woman in order to kill her, a 
woman who is loved by her family, a woman who has the light of love in her 
eyes when her relatives speak to her and caress her, and it is killing her 
only because her estranged husband wants her to die, while her own blood, 
who actually care about her and want to save her, are being turned down by 
every court in the land. Do we think that God's protection will remain 
over us, if we keep behaving like this? How many unmistakable signs must 
we receive that we are in rebellion against God, before we wake up?

With every legal avenue closed, there is only way to prevent this 
monstrous judicial crime from being consummated: Gov. Bush must activate 
the National Guard, take over the hospital, and save Terri Schiavo's life.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 24, 2005 01:48 PM | Comment |

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