[Paleopsych] Joel Garreau on "Radical Evolution," May 19th in NYC

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Sat May 7 00:02:57 UTC 2005

Joel Garreau on "Radical Evolution," May 19th in NYC

GBN Presents... Joel Garreau
speaking on
Radical Evolution

May 19th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
CUNY Graduate Center, Skylight Room (9th Floor)
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Please join GBN and Network member Joel Garreau  for a compelling look
at the dramatic acceleration of change that is literally transforming
human nature.

In his new book, Radical Evolution, Joel shows that we are at an
inflection point in history. Through advances in genetic, robotic,
information, and nano-technologies, we are engineering the next stage of
human evolution: altering our minds,  memories, metabolisms,
personalities, progeny, and perhaps our very souls.

After spending two years behind the scenes with today's foremost
researchers and pioneers, Joel's amazing tales reveal that the
superpowers of our comic-book heroes already exist, or are in
development in hospitals, labs, and research facilities around the
country--from the revved up reflexes and speed of Spider-Man and
Superman to the enhanced mental acuity and memory capabilities of an
advanced species.

Over the next 15 years, these enhancements will become part of our
everyday lives. But where will they lead us? One scenario is "Heaven,"
where technologies promise to make us smarter, vanquish illness, and
extend our lives. But there are other scenarios, including "Hell," where
unrestrained technology brings about the ultimate destruction of our
entire species. To help us understand the possibilities, Joel taps the
insights of many gifted thinkers and scientists who are making what has
previously been thought of as science fiction a reality. Among these
fellow travelers are Bill Joy, Ray Kurzweil, and Jaron Lanier, each of
whom offer radically different views of  the developments that will, in
our lifetime, affect everything from the way we date to the way we work,
from how we think and act to how we fall in love. As Joel cautions, it
is only by anticipating the future that we can hope to shape it.

Joel is the best-selling author of The Nine Nations of North America and
Edge Cities and a reporter and editor for the Washington Post.For GBNers
this is a special treat, having enjoyed regular interviews with Joel
throughout his research as he struggled to make sense of what he was
experiencing on the remarkable journey that became Radical Evolution.

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