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Some of the most successful people in business
are actually criminals who are smart enough to
avoid taking too much.

Steve Hovland

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>>The reality is that sometimes the characteristics
that make someone successful in business or government
can render them unpleasant personally. What's more
astonishing is that those characteristics when
exaggerated are the same ones often found in

--That actually makes sense. I met a former gang
leader once. He had all the qualities I've seen in
successful businesspeople, specifically the ability to
"map" the people around him and manipulate them using
their own language. I don't think that would be as
easy for someone who is fully connected to people, it
requires a certain emotional distance and the ability
to move people around on a mental chessboard.

Gang members often use military or business metaphors
as well. The mindset is not too different, only the
playing field.


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