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Top 10  Boring Tasks(*)

1. Standing in line

2. Laundry

3.  Commuting

4. Meetings

5. Dieting

6. Exercising

7.  Weeding lawn or garden

8. Housework

9. Political  debates

10. Opening junk mail

When I looked at this list, I was confused. It seems that the titles of the  
activities are to blame.
1. Standing in line is a great way to meet new people, or just listening to  
a new point of view.
2. Hanging out laundry on the line is a great way to be outdoors and soak  in 
the vitamin D (and putting my body on line-dried sheets--exquisite!)
3. Commuting is like playing a video game. I see that slot up there where I  
can fit my car.
4. I looove meetings. Maybe because I don't go to many, but again, a great  
place to listen and learn and communicate.
5. Dieting, what's that? Sounds like eating to me.
6. Exercising is one of my most favorite things to do. It is a time to  
mentally zone out, and let my brain go where it will.
7. Weeding? How does my garden grow? Like laundry---being outside, clearing  
space for the things I have planted. Sounds like raising kids.
8. House work is like weeding. The results make it all worth while.
9. OK, one out of ten ain't bad.
10. Who OPENS junk mail? 

Methinks ennui is for bores. They manufacture it and then wallow in  it.
Lorraine  Rice

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.  
---Andre Gide  

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