[Paleopsych] The Liquid Universe

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This is the same phenomenon as prayer
and the epigenetic control of gene expression.

Steve Hovland

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Steve, this is fascinating, because I find the same thing happens to me. In 
the old Whole Earth Catalog by Stewart Brand (ca. 1969), there was an 
article about this very thing, a marketing guy writing that just before a 
big ad campaign launches, sales go 'way up. He said you have to actually 
run the campaign for the bounce to happen.

Also, just before vaccinations for a particular disease are launched, the 
prevelance of that disease drops. I always thought it was an artifact of 
better nutrition or something; now I wonder if there is some kind of 
anticipative principle in the universe? Something about time running both 
ways? Recall the random number generators that went crazy just before 911? 
One is at Princton, investigating anomolous activity. This may bear on the 
research that shows some effect of prayer on people with illnesses.

I'm at work, so if you can forward this on to the list, if you think it 
contributes, I would be grateful.

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>Awhile ago one of my photography clients mentioned
>that she believed in the "liquid universe."
>The idea is that if you push in some place, you will
>get a response from somewhere else.
>On Wednesday I made about 40 sales calls looking
>for photo shoots.
>On Thursday someone I didn't talk to on Wednesday
>called to say she had several things she wanted me
>to do :-)
>Steve Hovland
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