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Sat Nov 12 16:08:37 UTC 2005


Stop trying to save the world! Lots and lots of people have been 
beating a drum for capitalism and free trade, and it's richly unclear 
what new ideas you are going to add to the stew. Can you just tell us 
what is different about your approach?

Instead of trying to save a world that will largely ignore you, you 
should confine your efforts to giving us new tools to think with. We, 
or some of us, will use these tools to save the world.

Go back to tool making, please, Howard! We need tool makers far, far 
more than we need world saviors!

America and the Western world are in trouble.  Militant Islam says 
that our civilization is obsolete and is about to crumble to dust. 
The Chinese are working to make our obsolescence complete.

But American and Western Civilization are not reaching our end.  We 
are standing at the beginning of a future of passion and artistry, a 
future lifted by technologies beyond our dreams.  But we are only 
standing at the start of this path of wonders if we MAKE IT THAT WAY.

During the last four years, I've stepped aside from science to write a 
book called Reinventing Capitalism: Putting Soul In the Machine: A 
Quick Revision of the Rise and Future of Western Civilization.  The 
book is a total reperception of why you wake up every day, of why you 
go to work, of what you and I do to save, uplift, console, empower, 
and delight others, and of what you and I can do to express the you 
that has always wanted to be freed but has never felt the time was 
right.  Reinventing Capitalism is a reperception of the civilization 
you and I have inherited, the civilization you and I now must remake.

While I was giving a presentation on quantum physics at an 
International Conference on Quantum Informatics in Moscow (I kid you 
not), a strange thing happened to Reinventing Capitalism and to the 27 
key principles it espouses-principles that show you and me how to be 
artists in our daily work and why we need to unleash our passions from 
nine to five.  The still-unfinished book was made a key component of 
an MBA program at The Graduate Institute in Milford, Connecticut.

And the founder of the Global Entertainment and Media Summits saw 
Reinventing Capitalism as a tool with which to change the way we see 
our world.and with which we can radically reshape our future.  Steve 
Zuckerman, the founder of the Summits, has put together a two-day 
meeting of some of the brightest business and entertainment minds in 
North America to present and discuss the quick-and-easy but 
tap-root-deep ideas about Reinventing Capitalism's Putting Soul In the 
Machine.in the machine of your company and mine, in the machine of 
your office, your industry, your culture, your personal life, and of 
your species---in the machine of the human race.

No, this is not EST.  It's history, science, and the knowledge of the 
invisible heart of business that you helped me acquire in 20 years 
working with Sony, NBC-TV, New Line Cinema, Amnesty International, 
Farm Aid, CBS, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, EMI, ABC, Gulf and 
Western, MCA/Universal, Manesmann, Polygram, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, 
Disney, academic institutions, and extraordinarily bright individuals 
like you.  It's the gut-sense you helped me evolve when we worked 
together to generate $28 billion dollars in revenue for our 
clients-more than the gross domestic product of Luxembourg and Qatar. 
And when we worked together to put Amnesty International and Farm Aid 
on the map.

You know as well as I do that when we brought in our greatest revenue 
streams and made our greatest cultural contributions, we didn't do it 
out of greed or cold calculation.  We did it out of bone-deep belief.

That knowledge-in-your-bones is the essence of what we'll discuss for 
two days, December 2nd and December 3rd at 69 West Fourteenth Street.

I very much want you there.  The cost is trivial--$129.  And I'm 
asking you to pay your own transportation and hotel costs.  But I want 
to see you.  It's been a long time.  And I want your mind to 
contribute to one of the strangest revolutions you will ever be a part 

When someone from Steve Zuckerman's team or mine calls you to give you 
details, please say yes.

With warmth and gusto-Howard Bloom

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