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If we could get Eshel on our panel at HBES, it would be terrific.  I  can go 
after him once you get at OK from HBES on moving forward.
Make scale-invariance the topic, and I suspect we'll pull some very, very  
interesting insights from Eshel.  Howard
ps in Bloomspeak, scale invariance is reflected in "Ur patterns", basic  
patterns that are parts of the "deep structure" of the cosmos and that show up  on 
level after level of emergence.  It's the persistence of these patterns  that 
makes it possible for humans to use poetry, religion, metaphor, and  math to 
model the world at levels from the microscopic to the galactic.   These Ur 
patterns can be captured in math, metaphor, and in metaphoric systems  like 
poetry, religion, and science.  Why?  Because like other forms of  emergence, 
symbolic systems used by humans carry those Ur patterns within  them.  Human 
symbolic systems share something in common with bacteria, food  plants, and the 
stars.  All are descendents of the basic patterns with  which the universe kicked 
itself into being.  All are children of the  big bang.  And it's the big 
bang's "genome", its underlying rules, its Ur  patterns that show up over and over 
again in stair-step after stair-step of  evolution.
The big bang's underlying rules are, in fact, the "deep structures" implied  
by Noam Chomsky's use of the term.  Howard
ps  I owe the use of the term "deep structures" to Pavel Kurakin, who  
demonstrated the relevance of Chomsky's phrase in our joint paper, “Conversation  
(dialog) model of quantum transitions”.
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